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  • PLTB450b 450 nm 1600 mW laser diode is the blue laser diode with a wavelength of 450 nm

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  • The leading 6 W laser from PLH3D series. Professional engraving laser head designed for industrial applications. Robust design, compatibility with all types of control signals used in CNC in 3D printing market as well as with a wide range of PSUs, strongest available in its size fan providing best cooling and smoke removal. It comes with lens adjusting tool.

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  • Single channel 5 A, 3.3 - 24 V laser diode driver with thermal protection. Based on many inquiries from customers, this version of the LPLDD-5A-24V driver is equipped with thermal protection which switches off the laser diode circuit if the temperature exceeds 45 degrees of Celsius. Additional LEDs signalize the current status of the driver. 10 A version...

  • The TEC-8A-24V-PID-HC-RS232 Programmable Temperature Controller is the improved digital temperature controller with the possibility to change parameters and read them using UART port.

  • The optical system for reducing the divergence of the laser beam. Designed for wide beams RED or 6 W BLUE for example. Lenses have 3 X magnification and the divergence of the beam is also corrected 3 X times.

  • The TEC-20A-30V Temperature Controller is the simple TEC controller consisting of analog elements and a very small PCB board.

  • NUBM44 is a high-power laser diode with 6 W of power from a small emitter. This blue laser diode is the highest power laser diode currently available for a laser with a single emitter or in a standard TO package. This GaN laser operates at up to 65 C without significant reductions to the lifetime. NUBM44 is also referred to as a 450 nm laser diode.

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  • TEC-20A-25V-PID Temperature Controller is the advanced TEC controller using a microprocessor unit.

  • Single channel, 5 A, 3.3-12 V laser diode driver. Most basic and versatile laser diode driver dedicated to working with almost all available laser diodes on the market. High current, small size, short rise/fall time and up to 12 V compliance voltage make this driver the best choice for small and medium power applications which require 0 - 5 A working...

  • A cost-effective alternative to a polarization half wave plate, this product rotates the axis of polarization by a half wave or ninety degrees near the 638 nm wavelength. It is often used together with a PBS cube to combine two collimated beams at the same wavelength, allowing the power to be scaled without changing the beam’s optical properties.

  • This Mounted Aspheric lens is useful to collimate or focus laser light in the visible wavelength regime. The aspheric design nearly eliminates spherical aberration without needing multiple optical elements. It has a broadband AR coating of 400-700 nm, allowing it to be used for various applications. 

  • The Mirror Mount - the easy to use component for mounting and adjusting the mirrors in optical systems.

Showing 1 - 12 of 60 items