Frequently Asked Questions About Opt Lasers Products & Services

1. Information About Products

More information on the usage of Opt Lasers laser heads can be found on our website here: Applications - in Markets

Examples of our laser heads applications can be viewed here: Creations

If you have pictures of designs made using Opt Lasers products, please send them to us! We would love to share them on our webpages and social media accounts.

CO2 lasers are used in the majority of stand-alone engraving devices. They are inconvenient to use and expensive to buy and operate. CO2 laser heads can also cause dangerous accidents during use i.e. shock from the high-voltage current.

On the contrary, blue laser heads are small, relatively cheap, and convenient to use. They can be used as a replacement for CO2 lasers. Blue laser heads are perfect for working with wood and wood-based materials, such as plywood, balsa, MDF, cardboard, and paper. They also allow their users to cut and engrave leather, fabrics, and plastics dark materials engrave especially well. With a blue laser head, users can also mark steel and titanium, cut rubber, and even engrave glass.

The technical parameters of each product are available in its description. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us at [email protected] and we will be pleased to assist you.

Opt Lasers’ mission is to ensure that every product has the best quality, highest performance, and is safe for its future users. If you plan for consistent, intensive use of a CNC laser, Opt Lasers-branded products will be the best choice.

By using our products you avoid receiving a product with potentially the following pitfalls:

  • a power lower than declared,
  • a diode with a short lifespan and a fast decrease in its real power (associated with the diode burning),
  • a lack of accessories to facilitate assembly on a CNC machine, as well as improving,
  • no protections against damaging the laser head,
  • insufficient fan power,
  • poor quality of materials,
  • problems with properly focusing the beam, and
  • no producer support.

For business operations, thanks to Opt Lasers heads you can avoid delays and downtime, which translates directly into financial savings. Our CNC lasers are reliable, fast and ergonomic.

For hobbyists on the other hand, working with the branded Opt Lasers heads means greater convenience of assembly and work, support in case of problems, and compatibility with popular solutions.

Taking all this into account means that our CNC lasers offer an attractive value for the cost.

It depends on what you want to use it for. Remember that a basic limitation is the size of your CNC/3DP machine. Our larger laser heads may not fit onto small 3D printer models. The power of the head has a direct impact on its capabilities - you can read more about this it in the following article: Before you start laser cutting and engraving.
Laser upgrade kits are specially prepared sets of accessories sold along with a laser head. The accessories are either dedicated to a specific type/company of a CNC machine, or work universally in almost any CNC machine (our universal kits). They have handles and mounting instructions dedicated to the specific CNC machine. You can buy them here: Kits and Adapters.
Universal laser upgrade kits consist of a laser head and accessories that allow you to connect it to almost any CNC machine, including DIY laser engravers. Keep in mind that universal kits can limit the original working area of your CNC machine. You can buy them here: Kits and Adapters
Yes, we do. Our other products are available at store. In our offering, you will find:

Most of our products are intended for semiconductor laser systems.

If you like our products (in particular their quality and convenience of use), then we would appreciate you sharing your opinion on our Facebook page.

You can also review each product separately on their product pages on

2. Accounts

Yes, you must create an account to order products from our website. Having an account makes the ordering process smooth and fast. With an account, much of the information will auto-fill during the check-out process. Shipping costs will be calculated automatically after inputting the delivery address depending on the contents of your basket. You will be provided with the opportunity to pay online via PayPal or using a credit card. And finally, you will receive the quotation and pro forma invoice directly to your email address.

Rest assured that your personal data is secured and will only be used for the purposes of our business operations – your data will not be disclosed to any third parties for purposes other than conducting transactions relevant to your order.

The User Account Regulations are available on our website.
You can choose between a business account and an individual account (for non-business users). A business account for each purchase receives invoices and if you are from outside the EU, you have the right to make purchases without VAT. But please remember that business accounts are only for entrepreneurs.
You can reset your password by clicking the link below ( You will be asked to input the email address associated with your account to do so. Afterwards, you will receive an email from us asking for confirmation that you want to reset your password. Please confirm the password reset and then you will receive a new automatically-generated password. After logging in to your account, we recommend changing it with a new, personalized password.
On your account, you can check or change the data in the My Addresses and My Personal Information tabs.

3. Order Placement, Taxes, and Fees

If you follow these simple security rules during every online purchase you can increase the safety of your transactions and reduce the risk of financial loss due to fraud:

  1. Make purchases preferably through secured devices in a secured home network. If you use a different network or device, make sure your devices are trustworthy. Never use random or shared devices, or public networks such as computers in internet cafes or places with publicly accessible WiFi.
  2. Before making a purchase, check that your device is protected with a firewall and anti-virus software from a reputable supplier. Make sure that your software is updated and quickly scan your device before conducting any financial operation.
  3. When making a purchase, check the web address carefully to verify that you haven’t been redirected to a fake website. The best solution is to manually enter the correct page address.
  4. Do not make purchases on websites without an SSL certificate or with an invalid SSL certificate. A valid SSL certificate is marked with a green padlock in the address bar. Always check this before placing an order.
  5. Never give your credit card number, especially the CVC code (see next questions) on websites that aren’t trusted payments brokers (check to see the website address is correct and a green padlock is in the address bar with the name of the institution next to it).
  6. Never provide your bank account login details and transaction authorization codes on pages other than your bank's.
  7. Be especially vigilant if there are difficulties during the transfer of your funds. If you are asked to enter another authorization code after such difficulties, immediately check the transactions in your bank account and contact your bank in case of any suspicious transactions.
  8. If you receive any text messages from your bank informing you about the transaction, check that the description in the SMS matches your order. If not, contact your bank immediately.
No, some products are only available upon request. You can find this information on their dedicated subpages.
Unfortunately no, please place an order through our website or via email.
You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. Please bear in mind that you don’t have to own or set up any account to make payments with a credit card.
The Card Security Code is usually a 3 or 4 digit number, which is not part of your credit card number. The CSC is typically printed on the back of your credit card close to the signature field. Since this code is used to authorize transactions, remember not to share it with anyone. Never share photos of your credit card online.
Usually, our vouchers are valid for only a specified number of days. If they are not working, they might have expired. In this case, please contact us at [email protected].
Unfortunately no, this is currently not possible. Please make separate orders for each delivery address.
All prices listed in the store are without VAT (net amounts). If you are in the European Union, you will have to pay the net price plus VAT. VAT for individuals will be 23% of the net price and VAT for businesses with a valid European Tax Identification Number will be 0% (for export rate). The full purchase costs will be summarized after going to the checkout from your basket.
You don’t have to pay VAT for products bought on our site if you live outside of the EU.

If you buy a product and ship it to any EU country then you will not incur any additional custom fees (you will however have to pay VAT on top of the net amount if you aren’t a business with a valid European Tax Identification Number). If you have a valid European Tax Identification Number, the entire purchase price including the shipping costs will be the net amount.

In the case of shipments to other European countries (the ones that do not belong to the EU), the shipment will go through customs and therefore customs and other tax charges will be applicable. They will be calculated in accordance with the rates applicable in your country.

If you buy a product outside the European continent, the shipment will also go through customs clearance, and therefore customs and tax charges will be added in accordance with the rates applicable in your country.

US customers may be additionally asked by customs authorities to complete an FDA form. Please bear in mind that the importer (you) is responsible for completing this form.

Each package sent by us outside the EU, in addition to the courier label, has an invoice and a customs clearance card together with a detailed description of the dispatched goods.

Every shipment includes an invoice. Additionally, clients outside of the EU will receive an invoice electronically via email.
Yes, you can receive a bill for your order instead of an invoice.
Unfortunately no, this is currently not possible. Please be careful when shopping so you don't have to pay shipping twice.
If you would like to change or cancel your order, please provide as much information as possible by email (including the order number) and our staff will process this as quickly as possible.

4. Shipment Information

We currently ship orders to every country in the world.

You can choose standard courier delivery or express delivery.

FedEx courier:

  • Delivery time depends on the destination country.
  • Shipping costs are calculated automatically (based on the weight/dimensions of the package and delivery address) when you finalize your shopping cart in the store.
  • Includes the ability to track your shipment.

Polish Post (Poczta Polska):

  • Delivery time depends on the destination country.
  • Only possible for shipments valued under $200 (USD).
  • Limited traceability.
  • Fixed price, regardless of the delivery location:
    • $8 USD for shipments with a value less than $50 (USD).
    • $13 USD for shipments with a value between $50 (USD) and $200 (USD).

Your own carrier:

If you choose this option, you must send us the following information:

  • Carrier name.
  • Your carrier's account number.
  • The type of service to be chosen by the sender, e.g. economic, priority.

Shipping cost depends on the weight of products purchased and the shipping method - faster delivery costs more. Current shipping costs can be found for each service in the tables below.

FedEx Courier

Polish Post (Poczta Polska)

Yes, all orders are thoroughly checked before shipment so that they will not be damaged during transport.

Heads and modules are packed in antistatic film. Sets containing the PLH3D-6W head are packed in a specially designed box with special inserts that ensure safety during transport. Delicate products are secured using bubble wrap or foam. If necessary, a free-space filler (loose-fill packaging) is poured into the boxes. It is made of plant-based ingredients so it’s environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.

The shipment of standard products available in our store is not covered by any insurance by default. However, shipment insurance is possible. If you would like it, please contact our customer service at [email protected].

Yes, when your order is dispatched we will send you an e-mail with a unique tracking number inside. However, please bear in mind that tracking is not possible for some delivery options.

5. Technical Support and Returns

Technical support is available by phone at +48-510-173-702 and by email at [email protected].
Each product is thoroughly checked and tested before shipment. If the product that you purchased does not work, it has probably been damaged during transport. Remember to check packages for damage (in the presence of the shipping company) before signing proof-of-delivery documents. If you receive products you think are faulty, please contact us at [email protected].
Yes, you can withdraw from the agreement within 14 days from the time when you came into possession of the goods (precisely into the possession of the last items). More details and The Model Agreement Withdrawal Form can be found in Terms and Conditions.

You can return all purchased items without any reason within 14 days from the date of delivery. The only condition is that the products were not used or unpacked.

To return the goods, please inform us about your intention to withdraw from the contract via the complaint and returns form: We will then respond with information on how best to organize the shipment of the goods back to Opt Lasers.

To make a complaint, please go to your account and click the Complaint Service tab. Please fill in the form provided there and you will hear back from us shortly.

If you are an entrepreneur, then we are liable under the warranty if the defect of the item is found within one year of its delivery, with the exception of laser emitters (laser diodes) sold alone or as part of the device (e.g. laser head). They are covered by the warranty for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery.

If you have any problems with any product, please contact us via the complaint form ( and describe your problem/defect in detail. Please attach photos if possible. They will help us determine whether we can help remotely or whether it is necessary to ship the product back to us.

6. Business to Business (B2B)

Yes, Opt Lasers accepts custom orders and can work with you to develop fully-customized products with attractive prices, short wait times, and excellent quality.
Yes, Opt Lasers is able to adapt and redesign products to fit your requirements. Remember, however, that our capabilities are limited by the physical characteristics of the components.
Yes, this is a possibility. The conditions of this kind of cooperation are set on a deal-by-deal basis. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss this further.
Yes, our company has years of experience in creating custom laser systems for both industry and scientific research. We specialize mainly in systems using laser diode modules, however, we can also design and create other kinds of laser systems. Feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] and provide more detailed information about the requirements that the system must meet.