About Opt Lasers Brand and Company Origins

Opt Lasers established in 2014, is a brand of Tomorrow’s System Sp. z o.o., and a leader in providing compact cutting and engraving laser heads for the CNC machines and 3D printers markets. Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Opt Lasers is a respected European manufacturer of high quality optical and electronic devices. Opt Lasers’ portfolio encompasses industrial-grade laser heads for cutting and engraving, standard and custom laser modules, laser diode drivers and temperature controllers.

It is also an OEM manufacturer with extensive laser characterization capabilities and can provide laser modules for integration into larger systems at scale for a variety of applications. Opt Lasers’ headquarters contain electronics and laser R&D facilities, a full-service machine shop and a well-supplied stock of components.

Our customers include industrial and commercial integrators alike, original equipment manufacturers, universities and research centers, as well as end users of engraving laser heads.

Opt Lasers
Opt Lasers

Opt Lasers creates the possibility of changing the industry by using short-wavelength blue laser heads.

High absorption of light, low power consumption, low maintenance cost, and a size that fits in the palm of your hand makes Compact Laser Heads an out-of-the-box solution in the production industry.

Our Values - We are devoted to providing our customers with high quality state-of-the-art products that help you grow your business and earn more money. Our clients can always count on us for excellent performance and lifetime support that takes your troubles away and gives you peace of mind. The three center values and pillars of our company are maintaining excellence in what we do every time, retaining and growing our clients' trust, as well as pushing the frontiers of what is possible to achieve.

Our Mission - Opt Lasers products always stay ahead of the curve and disrupt the established market around the globe. Our mission is to transform the laser industry and CNC production lines by offering durable high tech products that bring about noticeable change and are accessible to everyone.

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