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Opt Lasers is a brand of Tomorrow’s System Sp. z o.o. (LTD company) located in Poland. Before the company was established in 2014, it had been an “Opt Laser” startup for 2 years that achieved remarkable success selling products both in domestic as well as international markets. Cooperation with many companies led to the creation of a few laser and electronics devices which were rare on the market.

Starting from a single person, the company is now created by a team of young but already experienced engineers who share their passion to optics, mechanics, electronics and new technologies.

about us team

We offer laser solutions in various fields: - One of the leading products developed by Opt Lasers are laser diode engraving heads which can be used in every machine, even the smallest ones. Laser diode engraving heads are a great substitute for those who need an economical, small size and still powerful solution. - The second type of products are laser modules.

about us team

Opt Lasers offer a wide variety of modules, from single wavelength to RGB modules. It is also possible to order customized modules of almost every wavelength available on the market.

Many custom orders led us to create a whole fiber laser module series. - We also produce a wide array of electronics connected with laser technology starting from tiny drivers for smaller laser diodes, through compact drivers with TEC modules to high power drivers dedicated for infra- red laser diodes. Since laser devices are connected with temperature stabilization, we created a whole section of temperature controllers. We also offer customized orders in this section. Water cooled modules, TEC based modules or passive cooling can greatly increase efficiency of laser systems.

Opt Lasers provides mounts which allow to set and adjust a laser beam. - In addition to the products made by ourselves, we offer different optics components such as mirrors, dichros, beamsplitters, rotators, lenses and many more. We are open for suggestions and eager to customize our products or even create totally new products according to given requirements.

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