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  • FS-50W High Power Blue Laser Source

    High-power blue laser source for Galvo Scanners and CNC Machines. This high-power module delivers exceptional precision and high brightness. Its small, square spot ensures accurate and focused laser beams, perfect for various applications. Designed with compactness in mind, this module offers a sleek and efficient solution for your scanning needs.

  • FS-30W High Power Blue Laser Source

    Introducing our latest innovation, the Laser Module for Galvo Scanners. With powerful 450nm laser diodes, this module offers exceptional performance for a wide range of applications. Its small, square spot, ensures pinpoint accuracy in your laser scanning tasks. Designed with a compact form factor, this module saves space without compromising on power or quality.

  • OEM-50W Laser Source

    High-Power Blue Laser Module with a 450nm wavelength and 50W of optical power. Its compact design ensures seamless integration into your scanning system, saving valuable space without compromising on power.

  • High-Power 30W Blue Galvo Laser Module

    This high-power blue module operates at 450nm wavelength, providing outstanding performance and versatility. With its compact design, it seamlessly integrates into your scanning setup, optimizing space and efficiency. This cutting-edge module provides precise laser control and superior results, designed to meet the demands of diverse applications.

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