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  • Hyper Performance Universal CNC Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-XT8 45W Engraving Laser Head
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    Advanced Laser Systems & CNC Lasers

    Laser Modules for Industrial and Laboratory Applications

    Opt Lasers product lines include RGB lasers, fiber-coupled laser modules, laser diode driver units (laser diode controllers), TEC controllers, cooling modules and other laser components. We can also design and produce specialized custom laser modules tailored to your application.

    Custom Laser Systems and Modules

    Opt Lasers provides integrated laser systems and solutions for applications including instrumentation, microscopy, illumination, laser display, CNC laser engraving and cutting, as well as powering and cooling laser diodes.

    Laser Heads and Accessories for CNC Machines

    Our blue laser heads can be used to upgrade almost any type of CNC machine, for example a CNC router or a 3D printer. CNC machines upgraded with a laser head from Opt Lasers can be used for laser cutting and engraving, for example laser engraving of leather and textiles as well as wood and wood-based materials.

  • TEC-12A-24V-ADV Temperature TEC Controller
  • Laser Diode Drivers
  • Fiber-Coupled Laser Modules


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Opt Lasers: Manufacturer of Innovative Engraving & Cutting Lasers, Laser Modules and Electronics

Opt Lasers PLH3D-XT8 Premiere: Cutting 1/4'' Wood with True 45W Power Has Never Been Easier!

You can now order our Plug&Play 45 W Laser CNC Upgrade Kits with XT8. XT8 is an excellent CNC laser cutter and engraver. Directly from the manufacturer, acknowledged as the world's first laser head creator. Representing the first of its kind, this kit with an impressive 45 W optical power stands out as the World's No. 1 in performance. XT8 offers unparalleled speed and power, solidifying its position as the fastest and most powerful choice in the market. It achieves exceptional precision while easily cutting through materials like 15 mm wood even in a single pass. Don’t miss out on our best offer ever!

Order XT8 Laser Kit Now

Choose XT8 - the best blue laser head on the market and get ahead of the game! Our CNC laser heads last for years and are of the highest quality.

Opt Lasers Product Range

Opt Lasers offers a diverse selection of products, including precise PLH3D-Series blue laser heads. PLH3D-Series laser heads are innovative CNC laser cutters and engravers designed for efficiently processing various materials.

The product range extends beyond laser heads to include electronic devices like laser modules, laser diode drivers, and temperature controllers.

Based in Warsaw, Poland, we are a respected European manufacturer known for high-quality optical and electronic devices.

Our products cater to industrial and commercial integrators, OEMs, universities, research centers, and end-users. The Compact Laser Heads provided by Opt Lasers are known for efficient performance and low maintenance costs, making them an ideal choice for the production industry.

Opt Lasers also provides a comprehensive solution, the Blue Galvo Engraving Laser System. This integrated system enables rapid and precise movement of the laser beam, ensuring exceptional engraving results with seamless control over the working area.

Discover our Product Range

The laser heads by Opt Lasers

What do our Customers say?

Joe Van Beckum Last Leg Woodworks.
The Opt Lasers PLH3D 6W add on for the X -Carve has allowed me to expand my woodworking business to include laser digital fabrication. It was so easy to install and has performed flawlessly.
The quality construction of the Opt Lasers components is unmatched by any other CNC laser I have seen.

(Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W)
Chris H.
I did a couple of tests with the standard supplied lens 3mm MDF Focal Distance 60mm Feed: 7mm/sec Passes: 20 Air Assist: None This cut through the MDF With the uSpot lens though 3mm MDF Focal Distance 60mm Feed: 15mm/sec (over 2x's at quick) Passes: 8 Air Assist: None Its soooo much quicker. Definitely worth the investment.

(uSpot Lens Upgrade for PLH3D-6W-XF+)
Tiran Dagan
I upgraded my JTech 7W to the 15W laser and it is a beast. Works great - and a perfect alternative to large CO2 lasers (for thin material processing). Given I am able to combine CNC and Laser in 1, this is a great product. facebook.com/BoardToHome

(Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-15W)
James Wegner
I am a true beginner with lasers. Opt Lasers have made this very easy to learn. This PLH3D Laser was easy to install, and the results it produces surprised me. Very crisp clean lines.
Would recommend!

(X-Carve Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W-XF+ and LaserDock)
Bryan A.
I just added this to my Opt Lasers PLH3d-6W-XF+ laser and did a test burn without the nozzle and then one with it the difference was amazing. The unassisted burn looked good and was not realizing how much sharper it could be until I added the air assist nozzle and introduced a 7 psi continuous flow to the nozzle the results were obvious that the air assist only improves the quality of the burn result.

(High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle Kit)
Petter Theland
I have had this laser for a year now and I love it! But what I love the most is the service and the communication that you get from the guys from Opt Laser! Awesome lads all of them! Helpful and they are always quick at answering on questions! Looking forward to being one of the guys who could try future new products;!

(Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-15W )
Adam Haręża
About 2 times faster. Now I am able to cut 3 mm wooden plank with one slow pass.

(uSpot Lens Upgrade for PLH3D-6W-XF+)
Jim Neeb
I have been using this laser for a couple of months and it has really performed well on many different materials. This will cut wood and other organic materials easily, and engrave both organic and many metals beautifully.

(Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-15W )
Gabriel Prieto
I ended up buying both of the 6W and the 15W lasers. I was very impressed on how easy they are to install and program on an Avid cnc. I'm hoping they come out with a stronger laser soon.

(Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W and 15W)
Peter Lydman
I have been using it for two years now for both engraving and cutting mainly woods but also engraving materials like mirror, laser plastic, cardboard, and leather. The result quality is really good and I can really recommend it to anyone considering buying one. I also have the uSpot and High-pressure air assist nozzle for it which makes results even better resolution and cut power-wise. Really recommend it

(Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W)
Øyvind Amundsen
I have this kit + uSpot lens + high-pressure Air Assist Nozzle. Love the design + high build quality + great support The magnetic docking makes it simple to clean + remove when not in use ( if installed on a CNC)
The PLH3D-CNC Adapter makes it simple to integrate with many different controller alternatives.

(Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W)

CNC Laser Project Showcase for Inspiration

Buldog Laser Engraved on Wood
Laser Engraved Boxes
Laser-engraved Pictures on Wood
Laser-made Wood Trophy
Laser-made Wooden Clook
Laser-made Wood Puzzle
Fishing Spinner Laser Engraved on Metal
Guitar Pick Laser Engraved on Metal
Logo Laser Marked on Anodized Aluminium
Stainless Steel Knife
Stainless Steel Grav
Graphic Laser Engraved on Anodized Alumium
Laser-made Key Holder
Laser-made Leather Wallet
Laser-made Leather Wristband
Dog Laser Engraved on Leather
Company Logos Cut and Engraved on Leather
Key Ring Laser Engraved on Leather
Laser-Made Felt Holiday Decoration
Tiger Laser Engraved on T-Shirt
Laser Cut Patterns on Cloths
Company Logo Laser Cut in Foam
Holiday Eggs Laser Cut in Foam
Latin Dia de los Muertos Laser Engraved on Canvas
Eye Laser Engraved on Ceramic Tile
Dog Laser Engraved on Stone
Ouija Laser Engraved on Stone
Home Entry Sign Laser Engraved on Stone
Koala Laser Engraved on Ceramic Tile
Woman Laser Engraved on Ceramic Tile
Logo Laser Engraved on Hockey Puck
Signs Laser Engraved on Cork
Laser-made Gasket
Family Sign Laser Engraved on Glass
Logo Laser Engraved on Coconut
Nature Laser Engraved on Glass

Product Lines from Opt Lasers

Lasers for Industrial and Scientific Applications

Opt Lasers specializes in designing and manufacturing CNC lasers for industrial and research applications. Our expertise spans beam combining optics, mechanical design, thermal management, electronic design, and system integration, enabling the production of high-power lasers, RGB lasers, fiber-coupled lasers, and integrated laser systems.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include electronics and laser R&D centers, a fully equipped machine shop, and a comprehensive component warehouse. We collaborate with various industrial customers, offering OEM laser system modules for integration into diverse applications.

Explore Custom Laser Solutions

Temperature TEC Controller Products

Opt Lasers' dedicated team of engineers meticulously designs and manufactures TEC controller products to ensure precise current flow through Peltier cells. The implementation of thoughtfully crafted TEC controllers with finely-tuned PID parameters allows users to achieve exceptional temperature control for cooling and heating applications with unmatched accuracy.

Since 2014, Opt Lasers has been a leader in TEC controller manufacturing. Our expertise lies in PID TEC controller units capable of high temperature stabilization up to 0.05 °C. Renowned for their remarkable reliability, low noise, compactness, and user-friendly design, our TEC controllers outperform competitors, excelling even in challenging and noisy environments.

Discover TEC & PID TEC Controllers

Laser Diode Driver products

Opt Lasers takes pride in designing and manufacturing Laser Diode Driver products (referred to as LD drivers), ensuring precise and optimal current flow through laser diodes. Our carefully crafted LD drivers safeguard LDs from damage, extend their lifetime to over 10,000 hours, and enable fast modulation using either TTL or analog signals.

Since 2014, Opt Lasers has been a leading LD drivers manufacturer, specializing in high-speed medium and high-power drivers operating in laser diode current stabilization mode. Renowned for their exceptional reliability, low noise, compactness, and user-friendly design, our LD drivers stand out from the competition, performing flawlessly even in challenging and noisy environments.

Explore Laser Diode Drivers

Cutting & Engraving Laser Products Line from Opt Lasers

Galvo Lasers and Customized Engraving Systems

Novel Combination of Blue Lasers and Galvo Scanning System offered by Opt Lasers drives higher performance in industry production lines and workshops.

Thanks to combination of blue lasers and Galvo Scanning systems Opt Lasers is delivering one of the most efficient solutions that can be customized and applied to variety of production processes.

Besides laser heads we are capable providing: galvo scan heads, f-theta focusing lenses with different working distances, controllers, laser diode drivers, mounts and adapters.

In house machine shop, laboratory, engineering department and production line allows us to quickly to move from the idea to a prototype and a final product.

Galvo Lasers and Custom Engraving Systems

Cutting & Engraving Laser Add-on Kits for CNC Machines

Opt Lasers complete kits include all required parts to mount and connect PLH3D-6W engraving laser head to the CNC machine. Our engraving sets are designed to simplify electrical and mechanical connections between the CNC machine and the laser head.

Opt Lasers offers X-carve CNC Laser Upgrade Kit, Stepcraft CNC Laser Upgrade Kit, Shapeoko CNC Laser Upgrade Kit, Ooznest WorkBee CNC Laser Upgrade Kit, OpenBuilds CNC Laser Upgrade Kit, i2R CNC Laser Upgrade Kit, Avid CNC Laser Upgrade Kit, ZMorph 3DP Laser Upgrade Kit, and Universal Laser Upgrade Kit. All kits include PLH3D-6W-XF+ engraving laser head, PLH3D-6W Nozzle – 43mm Spindle Adapter, Safety Goggles, High-Efficiency Lens,PLH3D-CNC Adapter with all necessary wiring, and power supply unit.

Explore CNC Laser Kits for Your CNC Machine!

World's First Three-Laser-Diode Engraving Laser Head

In 2020, Opt Lasers released the world's first laser head with three blue laser diodes - the PLH3D-15W. PLH3D-15W was the most powerful and reliable laser head on the market, until Opt Lasers released even more powerful CNC laser heads for cutting and engraving.

Boasting a real 15 W of optical power as well as a novel design, PLH3D-15W compact laser head can process a wide range of wood-based materials, leather, textiles and plastics.

PLH3D-15W was also the first compact CNC laser head that didn't only mark metal, but deep-engraved it. For the reason it utilizes blue laser light, it can efficiently process materials that infrared lasers struggle with. Furthermore, it can be adapted to nearly any CNC machine. This lightweight, high power, cost-efficient, and easy to use laser is a great choice for industrial applications and individual users alike. Nevertheless, the XT8 laser head with 8 blue laser diodes, released at the beginning of 2024, is an even better choice, especially for laser cutting.

The Best Three-Laser-Diodes Engraving Laser Head

PLH3D-XT-Series Engraving Laser Heads

PLH3D-XT-Series engraving laser heads were developed as a specialized line of laser heads dedicated to achieving unparalleled precision in engraving and cutting thin materials with razor-thin lines. Drawing upon the success of our 6W-Series laser heads, the XT-Series inherits their exceptional features, including versatility, compact design, and high-speed driver. With its microscopic beam spot, these laser heads excel at creating intricate and minute engravings across a wide range of materials. For the XT-50 laser head, even including deep-engraving stainless steel.

The remarkable 500+ real-life DPI capability of XT-50 laser head enables making top-notch-quality engravings on various surfaces, elevating your level of craftsmanship to new heights. Moreover, the higher power density unlocks a world of new materials that can be laser cut or engraved with XT-50. One significant advantage lies in the noticeably faster engraving and cutting processes. The XT-Series represent a true advancement in laser engraving technology, catering to the demands of precision-focused applications and offering unparalleled performance in the industry.

Discover XT-50 Engraving Laser Heads

Performance and Safety Accessories

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

Being compatible with the XT-Series and XF+ Laser Heads, the High-Pressure Air Nozzle is a priceless asset for laser cutting and engraving. Not only does it speed up cutting and engraving with laser by up to 6.5 times, but it also substantially improves the attained quality of the processed material. With the High-Pressure Air Nozzle your yield will have noticeably enhanced quality with uniform and well-defined features. Our High-Pressure Air Nozzle will also protect your optics from smoke and dust particles, extending the intervals between subsequent lens cleaning routines, and boost user safety. The effects of the High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle are best combined with the XT-50 laser head, the fusion of which speeds up laser cutting considerably. Nevertheless, our stronger laser heads, such as XT8 or the PLH3D-15W come with factory-mounted High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzles, designed specifically to boost their capabilities.

Perks of the HP Air Nozzle

Industrial solutions for laser cutting, engraving and marking

LaserDock – Increase the efficiency of your CNC laser cutter and engraver

An effective solution for CNC machines and 3D printers, this magnetic laser docking station allows quick attachment/removal of the PLH3D-6W Series laser for engraving. It protects the laser head from dust, extends its lifetime, and reduces maintenance. Take advantage of the entire working area of your 3D printer or CNC machine.

Thanks to the included Aluminium cover, the LaserDock remains clean when the laser for engraving is not in use. The cover safeguards the electrical contacts and mechanical surfaces that interface to the PLH3D-6W Series engraving laser head.

Advantages of Owning LaserDock

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Nazwa beneficjenta: TOMORROW’S SYSTEM Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością

Tytuł projektu: "Opracowanie innowacyjnej technologii wielodiodowej głowicy tnąco-grawerującej z wykorzystaniem diod laserowych o długości fali 450nm"

Nr umowy o dofinansowanie: POIR.01.01.01-00-0988/18-00

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Wartość dofinansowania: 2 159 720.91 PLN

Projekt POIR.01.01.01-00-0988/18, jest współfinansowany przez Unię Europejską ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego.