High Power Fiber Cables  

Typically, fiber patch cables with connectors like SMA are limited to tolerating approximately 1 W of power. When several hundred milliwatts of power leaks, it can cause the epoxy inside the ferrule to liquefy and cover the end face, resulting in attenuation, localized heating, and rapid power degradation. In contrast, high-power fiber cables are specifically designed for high-power applications. They incorporate air gap ferrule technology, which eliminates energy-absorbing materials around the fiber end faces. Additionally, both ends of the cables are coated with an anti-reflection coating in the 400-700 nm range. The coating has a damage threshold exceeding 1 MW/cm2, although this threshold may vary depending on launch conditions and operating wavelength.

  • HP Fiber Cable 400 μm 0.22 NA SMA VIS-AR Coating

    This high-power fiber optic cable features a 400 μm / 0.22 NA fiber, SMA connectors, and a visible anti-reflection (AR) coating. With a length of 2 m, it can handle power levels above 30 W without requiring heat sinking due to the air-gap SMA connector. The cable's AR coating in the 400 – 700 nm range reduces surface reflection loss for optimal performance.

  • Fiber Focuser

    Easy to use accessory for mounting and adjusting the lens in optical systems with SMA 905  fiber. Fiber collimator allows to collimate or focus the beam, it can be also used as fiber coupler.

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