TEC-20A-25V-PID Temperature Controller

TEC-20A-25V-PID is an advanced TEC controller with a microprocessor unit. It operates in cooling mode, improving efficiency and reducing board size. It supports Peltier modules with currents up to 20 A.

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Product description

About the TEC-20A-25V-PID-H Temperature Controller

The TEC-20A-25V-PID advanced TEC controller uses a microprocessor unit, featuring a compact design. By operating only in cooling mode, the driver achieves higher efficiency and a smaller board size.

The PWM modulation used for current control prevents additional heat dissipation on the MOSFET, thanks to the PID algorithm.

With a two-layer board and wide paths, it supports Peltier modules with currents up to 20 A, while connectors enable a maximum current of 13 A. For larger Peltier modules, direct soldering into the PCB board is recommended. The controller accepts a power supply voltage range of 7 to 25 V, allowing for parallel or series connection of TECs.

Peltier modules can be connected in series or parallel. Proper wiring with larger cable cross-sections is necessary for high current applications.

The stabilization temperature range of this controller can be customized. Please contact us via email with your inquiry.

TEC-20A-25V-PID-H Temperature Controller

Recommendations and requirements

  • We recommend the use of power cables with a minimum cross-section of 1 mm2.
  • The maximum current flowing through the board depends on the Peltier module used, which can be determined from their labels (e.g., 12704 represents 12 V and 4 A, 12715 represents 12 V and 15 A).


MOSFET temperature should be monitored and can not exceed 70 degrees Celsius.

The MOSFET must be isolated from the heatsink/plate using a silicone pad, and a plastic sleeve (included). A short circuit between the MOSFET and heatsink/plate can potentially damage the driver and pose a danger to the device.




This controller provides precise temperature readings


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