Newsletter Regulations

Newsletter Regulations

ofOpt Lasers shop

§ 1 Definitions

  1. Newsletter – means a free of charge email service thanks to which the Customer receives by email from the Service Provider the previously ordered information about the Shop including the information about special offers, discounts and news products in the Shop.
  2. Shop– means an online shop run by the Service Provider at
  3. Service Provider -Tomorrow’s System Sp. z o.o. with its registered seat in Białystok, 15-337, Pułaskiego 125/35, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court in Białystok, XII Economic Division of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000535029, NIP 5423238556, REGON 200866868, with share capital in the amount of 5 000 PLN.
  4. Customer– meanseach entity using a newsletter service.

§ 2 Newsletter

  1. The Customer may voluntarily use the Newsletter service.
  2. Email messages sent as part of this service will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer when subscribing to the Newsletter.
  3. To conclude the agreement and subscribe to the Newsletter,at first the Customer, in the appropriate place in the Shop, providestheir email addressat which they want to receive Newsletter messages. Then the Service Provider will send a verification message to the Customer at the given email address, which includes a link to the confirmation to sign up for the newsletter. After the Customerconfirms their willingness to sign up for the newsletter, they enter into an agreement for the provision of the service and the Service Provider will start the provision of the service to the Customer.
  4. To use the Newsletter service, a minimum requirement is a device both with a web browser which supports ‘’cookies’’ and with Internet access as well as an active email account.
  5. The messages sent to the Newsletter subscribers will contain information about the possibility to unsubscribe from the Newsletter as well as a link to unsubscribe.
  6. The Customer may unsubscribe from the Newsletter without giving any reason and without any costs at any time using the option referred to in the section 5, or by sending an email to the Service Provider at [email protected]
  7. The use of the link to unsubscribe from the Newsletter or sending a request to unsubscribe from the Newsletter by the Customer will result in the immediate termination of the agreement for the provision of this service.

§ 3 Complaints

  1. Complaints related to the Newsletter should be submitted to the Service Provider at [email protected]
  2. The Service Provider shall address the complaint within 14 days of receipt of the complaint.

§ 4 Personal data

  1. Administrator of the Customers’ personal data submitted to the Service Provider in connection with the Newsletter service is the Service Provider.
  2. The Customer signing up for the Newsletter voluntarily provide their personal data. Providing personal data is, however, necessary to use the service referred to in these Regulations. Personal data provided by the Customer will be processed by the Service Provider in order to provide the Newsletter service to the Customer.
  3. The Customer has the right to inspect their personal data and can request to correct them.

§ 5 Finalprovisions

  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change these regulations only for important reasons. An important reason is understood as the need to change the regulations due to the modernization of the Newsletterservice or change of laws affecting the provision of the service by the Service Provider.
  2. Information about the planned changes to the regulations will be sent to the Customer’s email address provided when signing up to the Newsletter, at least 7 days before the changes take effect.
  3. If the Customer does not object to the planned changes until their entry into force, it is assumed that the Customer accepts them.
  4. In case of objection to the planned changes the Customer should send the relevant information at [email protected], which will result in the termination of the agreement for the provision of the serviceupon the entry into force of the planned changes.
  5. Provision of illegal content by the Customer is forbidden.