Stepcraft CNC  

Enhance your Stepcraft CNC machine with our cutting-edge laser upgrade kits, meticulously designed to amplify the capabilities of this versatile CNC platform. Renowned for its adaptability and precision, the Stepcraft is a standout in the CNC landscape. Our laser upgrades are expertly crafted to unlock its full potential. Introducing the PLH3D-XT8 laser head, acknowledged as the industry's finest, enabling effortless cutting of wood up to 20mm (3/4 inch) thick. Expand your creative and practical horizons seamlessly. For projects requiring intricate detailing, the PLH3D-XT-50 head provides unparalleled precision with its 50 um spot size, perfect for detailed engravings. These advancements not only refine the performance of your Stepcraft but also broaden the horizons of creativity and functionality. They enable you to explore a richer tapestry of projects, offering new dimensions to your CNC endeavors.

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