PLH3D-6W-XF+ High Performance Plug&Play Laser Kit with Laser Dock for Ooznest WorkBee CNC

Ooznest WorkBee PLH3D-6W-XF+ Laser Upgrade Kit

Specs: 6W Optical Power, SD 85 DPI 300um spot, max wood cutting thickness 6 mm (¼”)

Best For: Standard Engraving, Soft Materials Cutting, MultiPass Material Cutting

Includes: Laser Head, Laser Dock, PLH3D-CNC Adapter, Mount and Screws, PSU, Wiring, Air Nozzle, Height Reference Tool

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Items included in the kit:

  • PLH3D-6W-XF Engraving Laser Head

    1 x PLH3D-6W-XF+ Engraving Laser Head

    Specs: 6W Optical Power, SD 85 DPI 300um spot, max wood cutting thickness 6 mm (¼”)

    Best For: Standard Engraving, Soft Materials Cutting, MultiPass Material Cutting

  • PLH3D-6W LaserDock Magnetic Docking Station

    1 x LaserDock Magnetic Docking Station

    ✔ Quickly connect and disconnect PLH3D-6W-Series laser heads to and from your CNC machine.

    ✔ Protects the laser unit from oils, metal particles, and dust.

    ✔ Includes an Aluminium cover that shields the Dock when not in use.

  • PLH3D-CNC Adapter

    1 x PLH3D-CNC Adapter

    ✔ Provides communication between CNC machines and laser heads.

    ✔ Ensures an additional layer of safety for users and laser heads.

    ✔ Compatible with Opt Lasers PLH3D-Series laser heads with up to 15W of optical power.

  • 450 nm Laser Safety Goggles

    1 x Laser Safety Glasses

    ✔ Laser Safety Glasses rated at OD 7+ over the range of 190 to 540 nm.

    ✔ Reduce the risk of light entering the user’s eyes from backscattered laser light.

  • High-Efficiency Engraving Lens

    1 x High-Efficiency Engraving Lens

    ✔ Can be used for collimating or focusing laser beams.

    ✔ Aspheric design nearly eliminates spherical aberration.

    ✔ Features a broadband AR coating for 400-700 nm.

Product description

High-Performance All-Inclusive XF+ Ooznest WorkBee CNC Laser Upgrade Kit

Our High-Performance All-Inclusive Ooznest WorkBee Laser Upgrade Kit enables you to upgrade your Ooznest WorkBee (both old-generation Ooznest WorkBee CNC machines and the new WorkBee Z1+ CNC Machine) with high precision laser engraving and laser cutting functionalities. While this XF+ laser upgrade kit is designed for Ooznest WorkBee machines with Duet CNC controllers, it can also be used with a custom CNC controller (this includes xPro V3, xPro V4 and xPro V5 CNC controllers). The XF+ laser upgrade kit provides a professional laser made with the highest quality components. The mounting and wiring are designed with the focus on the simplicity of installation on your Ooznest WorkBee and the quality of user experience.

Ooznest WorkBee Upgrade with High-Performance XF+ Laser

Benefits offered by Opt Lasers for the first time on this market.

5-year Opt Lasers Warranty
Free Shipping for Individual Customers
Lifetime Technical Support
#1 in Customer Support
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for Returns
Optional Collision or Laser Head Drop Insurance
Product Originating from the Laser Head Concept Creator
Made in Poland, EU

What are the Advantages of Ooznest WorkBee CNC Laser Upgrade with XF+ Laser Head?

  • Simple user-focused installation on all Ooznest WorkBee CNC machines. PLH3D-CNC Adapter ensures compatibility with all different releases that have been done by Ooznest over the years. In addition, you will still be able to use your XF+ Ooznest WorkBee CNC laser if you get an upgrade to a brand new WorkBee release in the years to come!
  • XF+ laser (just like our top precision XT-Series) is compatible with the High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle for laser engraving & cutting, which increases your laser processing speed by up to 6.5 times in relation to the base processing speed (typically doubling or tripling your laser processing speed).
  • Compatible with the uSpot Lens Upgrade for XF+ laser, which significantly increases the resolution obtained (less than 180 µm resolution, equivalent to approximately 150 DPI), the optical power density as well as boosts WorkBee CNC laser engraving and laser cutting speed by up to 2.5 times the base speed (typically allowing you to achieve 40% to 80% higher throughput). Please note that, in comparison, our XT-50 laser head achieves less than 50 micron resolution, which is equivalent to more than 500 DPI.
  • The kit already includes the innovative LaserDock System. This laser docking station allows you to swiftly attach and detach your XF+ WorkBee laser. The LaserDock also ensures that the laser head is always placed back exactly at the same spot on your Ooznest WorkBee CNC. Repeated laser attachment and disattachment are not a problem anymore as you don’t need to do working distance calibration reruns!
  • Laser Diode Driver is integrated inside the laser head for flawless performance on your Ooznest WorkBee.
  • No additional cooling is needed. Opt Lasers' XF+ laser for Ooznest WorkBee CNC machines incorporates the strongest fan for its size to provide the best cooling and to remove smoke.
  • The achievable precision allows you to complete projects that are simply not possible with just a milling bit or a spindle. The majority of our laser head users earn money with their laser units on Ooznest WorkBee CNC machines.

What's the difference between 6 W and 7+ W Ooznest WorkBee Laser Units that are available on the market?

Opt Lasers' Laser Heads for Ooznest WorkBee CNCs are based on the highest power laser diodes that are available on the market. This means that if you see any cnc laser module that uses just a single laser diode with an optical power rated at 7 W or 8+ W, it means its laser diode has been overdriven with additional current to increase the power rating. This, however, has an adverse effect on the unit's longevity. From the WorkBee user's perspective, it is better to use a 6 W Ooznest WorkBee CNC laser, because you will achieve much higher yield over our 6 W laser head's lifetime. Nonetheless, if you are happy with a shorter laser diode lifespan, we could overdrive the laser diode for your Ooznest WorkBee or LEAD laser upgrade to 7 W upon your request.

All Crucial Elements are Strictly Free of Plastic to Ensure Top User Safety While Using Your Cutting Laser on WorkBee machine

The XF+ CNC cutting and engraving laser upgrade unit for Ooznest WorkBee machines is just like the rest of Opt Lasers Grav's laser heads and other products. It does not contain crucial elements that are made of plastic. Being aware of what Ooznest WorkBee CNC machine operation involves as well as its working conditions, Opt Lasers specifically made a decision not to use any plastic in all vital parts to properly ensure your safety. This is particularly important for Ooznest WorkBee CNC machine's laser housing and laser assembly parts. While it might seem that plastic elements in laser upgrade units would be safe for use, they can very easily crack, bend or break. If that happens, you have little to no control over where the scattered or direct laser radiation goes, which constitutes a major safety hazard.

The Kit Includes Innovative LaserDock System:

  • LaserDock ensures repeatable and precise working distance positioning of your laser unit without the need for laser working calibration reruns.
  • All vital LaserDock parts are plastic-free to maintain top user safety from laser radiation in case of a collision. While it might seem that plastic parts in a laser docking system would the safe to use, they could easily crack, break or bend upon collision. If that happens the Ooznest WorkBee user would have little to no control over where the laser radiation goes.
  • Ensures quick and effortless laser unit removal when different tools are used on the same Ooznest WorkBee CNC machine.
  • Utilizes secure 3-point suspension in between male and female parts of the docking station to uniformly distribute axial forces and minimize the planar distortion of the laser head.
  • Protects the laser head from otherwise inevitable contamination with dust and debris, which could affect its lifetime.
  • Enables electronic connection via 5 gold plated contacts.
  • Neodymium magnetic inserts ensure easy mounting as well as strong and stable alignment

Includes Our Top Quality Cutting and Engraving Laser Head - PLH3D-6W-XF+

XF+ is our best-selling 6 W laser from PLH3D Series. Featuring a robust high-quality design, it is a professional high-performance cutting and engraving laser designed for hobbyists and industrial applications alike. This laser is compatible with every generation of Ooznest WorkBee machines. Despite the fact that the kit already includes a power supply unit, the XF+ laser for WorkBee is compatible with a wide range of common PSUs. This WorkBee CNC laser from Opt Lasers has the strongest-for-its-size fan to provide the best cooling as well as smoke removal. In addition, the kit is shipped with a lens adjusting tool (lens spanner wrench), which facilitates changing the focus distance in case you wish to do so.

You can also discover further interesting information about the Cutting and Engraving Laser 6W-Series for Ooznest WorkBee machines.

As the Duet controller in your Ooznest WorkBee CNC machine requires an enable signal, you cannot buy XF+ laser head with an Eco Saver range kit. On the positive side, this kit can be used with any CNC machine controller that requires an enable signal.

Why the PLH3D-CNC Universal Adapter is Beneficial for Controlling Your WorkBee CNC Laser?

The fundamental functionality of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter is to “arm” and “disarm” Opt Lasers' laser heads for Ooznest WorkBee CNCs. Arming is understood as turning the laser head power supply on. Once armed, the cutting and engraving laser can then emit the laser processing beam. Conversely, disarming (turning off the laser power supply) brings your Ooznest laser to a safe state where emitting the laser beam is utterly impossible.

The adapter also provides the means to rapidly check your laser for WorkBee by generating a short laser pulse at maximum power. At the same time, this useful feature also verifies if you wired your WorkBee CNC laser head correctly.

Built-in safety features prevent unexpected behavior and misuse in case of an emergency. The key switch guards the cutting Ooznest WorkBee laser against being armed by minors and other unauthorized people. Arming the laser is always done manually by the user (by pressing a button). In addition, special circuitry prevents laser arming in case of any malfunction of the internal electronics.

More importantly, your Ooznest WorkBee CNC laser module is automatically disarmed in case of emergencies such as:

  • Disconnecting or Breaking the Laser Head Wire
  • Loss of the Mains Supply
  • Power Supply Unit Failure

Once disarmed, your Ooznest CNC laser module from Opt Lasers stays in a safe state and rearming demands the user to press the mode button.

Key PLH3D-CNC Adapter Features:

  • One-Second Laser Pulse Test
  • Universal Compatibility With All PLH3D Series Laser Heads in Case You Would Like to Get an Upgrade to New Laser Head Releases, our Multi-Laser-Diodes Lasers or Specialized Laser Heads.
  • Soft Start
  • Built-in Smart Microcontroller
  • Indication LEDs - Power, Armed, Laser On
  • Two Programmable Enable Inputs
  • Two External Safety Terminals (For Instance: Safety Key, E-Stop)
  • Automatic Disarm After Power-Off
  • Keylock for Preventing Unauthorized People From Usage
  • Quality Machined Aluminum Enclosure
  • Simple One-Button System (For Arming, Pulse Testing and Adapter Program Setting)


  • Bear in mind that your Ooznest WorkBee PLH3D-6W-XF+ laser is not a toy.
  • Laser radiation is dangerous even when scattered or reflected from any type of surface.
  • Always use proper protection laser filter on your CNC machine designed for the 430 - 480 nm wavelength band to avoid reflected radiation.
  • Never point laser head at animals or other people.
  • Do not touch the laser beam, it can cause burns or other injuries.
  • Do not glare at the beam or the beam spot while the material is being cut.
  • Laser radiation - Avoid eye or skin exposure to scattered or direct radiation. 
  • Class 4 laser product when properly powered.

Important Note

If you have updated your Duet RepRap Firmware to the new 3.0+ version, please familiarize yourself with the new online manual sections concerning G-Code Generation for this firmware release. We have also created a new profile in our G-Code Generator that will allow you to create working G-Code for RRF 3.0+. In case of any questions, please reach out to us through our contact form.



Got other before but

I am so happy with this module.


Speed Boost

With the High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle, my laser cutting speed on the Ooznest has significantly improved.


Excellent Quality professional service

Snap on Tools say that they'd rather explain the cost of quality than have to apologise for something less. The folks at Optlaser clearly take this stance as well. This is an absolutely superb piece of equipment. The after sales support has also been great. Quick helpful replies. Professional, reliable and friendly. I would not go anywhere else. I'll be ordering the 15watt laser as soon as the 6 watt has paid for itself.



Great product I currently have a workbee with this kit mounted and a smaller home built machine with the universal kit and lots of support if you encounter any problems with setup.

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