LaserDock Pro - Laser to CNC Magnetic Docking Station

Designed primarily for heavier laser heads, LaserDock PRO is an invaluable asset for those working with cutting and engraving laser heads. It allows to attach and detach the laser head from CNC machines in a matter seconds, accommodating both single and multiple laser diode units. Compatible with PLH3D-XT8, XT-50, XT-10 and XF+ laser heads.

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    Designed primarily for heavier laser heads, LaserDock PRO is an invaluable asset for those working with cutting and engraving laser heads. It allows to attach and detach the laser head from CNC machines in a matter seconds, accommodating both single and multiple laser diode ...

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Product Description

Crafted with the intention of optimizing CNC laser usage, the LaserDock Pro seamlessly connects electrical signals and the air assist supply to the laser head. In the current landscape of CNC laser cutting, employing air assist has evolved into a standard practice due to its ability to enhance cutting speed by 2-3 times (typically) and up to 6.5 times (with Opt Lasers air assist technology).

The LaserDock Pro eliminates the need to repeatedly attach a lengthy air supply tube to the laser head. Instead, the air tube effortlessly connects directly to the LaserDock, allowing for a simple reattachment of a short secondary air tube between the LaserDock Pro and the laser head. This innovative design ensures rapid attachment and detachment functionality, distinguishing it from competing laser docking products that tend to be slower due to the requirement of rerunning the air supply tube.

Tailored for heavier laser heads, the LaserDock Pro proves to be an invaluable asset for individuals engaged in cutting and engraving activities. It streamlines the process of attaching and detaching laser heads from CNC machines in a matter of seconds. The LaserDock Pro enables users to effortlessly remove the laser head in the blink of an eye, promoting cleanliness and efficiency. This Universal LaserDock Unit is compatible with laser heads featuring both single and multiple laser diodes, including PLH3D-XT8, XT-50, XT-10, and XF+ laser heads.

LaserDock Pro Features and Functionalities

Rapid Attachment or Removal of Various Laser Heads in Seconds

The LaserDock Pro revolutionizes the process of mounting and dismounting laser heads on CNC machines, especially heavier laser heads. Its design enables rapid attachment or removal within seconds and allows faster set up of both air assist and electrical connections.

Since a laser can be taken off the LaserDock Pro in a blink of an eye, this allows users to put the laser head securely away and keep it clean. This safeguard prevents dust and debris accumulation during non-use, such as at the end of a workday or while performing CNC milling. The capability is particularly advantageous in time-sensitive environments, emphasizing flexibility. Users can seamlessly transition between tasks, ensuring a smooth workflow and enhancing overall productivity.

Additionally, LaserDock Pro also works for lighter laser heads, enabling users to interchange different laser heads for various types of work, expanding its utility and enhancing overall adaptability.

Position-Locking Capability: Secure Mounting and Precision Alignment

This magnetic laser docking station features an advanced position-locking system, offering unmatched precision and stability. This advanced mechanism ensures that heavy laser heads are securely anchored in place, eliminating any risk of movement or misalignment during CNC laser work. LaserDock Pro also ensures that your laser head returns to its exact previous position after being dismounted, eliminating the need for working distance recalibration. The result is a significant enhancement in accuracy and repeatability for CNC tasks, providing peace of mind and reliability in every project.

Simultaneous Connection for Electrical Signals and Compressed Air

LaserDock PRO distinguishes itself with its dual-functionality design, allowing for simultaneous connections of of both air assist and electrical connections. With LaserDock Pro, you don't need to reattach a long air supply tube to the laser head. The air tube connects directly to the LaserDock, so you simply reattach a short secondary air tube between the LaserDock Pro and the laser head. This feature streamlines the setup process, enabling an easier quicker and more efficient operation while enhancing the overall neatness and organization of the workspace.

Heavy Laser Head Mounting Capability: Suitable for Heavy Laser Heads

LaserDock PRO is expertly engineered to handle the demands of heavier laser heads with ease. Its robust design ensures compatibility with a range of heavy laser heads, making it a versatile choice for various CNC applications. This mounting capability not only broadens the scope of projects that can be undertaken but also guarantees a stable and secure fit for even the heaviest laser heads, ensuring optimal performance and safety in all your cutting or engraving tasks.

Safety Disconnection Feature Prevents Dangerous Collisions

This Advanced Universal LaserDock is designed with a critical safety disconnection feature that actively prevents dangerous collisions, especially the relatively more likely vertical collisions (collisions in z-axis). This innovative system automatically disengages the laser head in the event of an unexpected movement, thereby safeguarding both the equipment and the operator. This feature is particularly vital in preventing accidents and maintaining a safe working environment, especially when dealing with heavy laser heads that could cause significant damage if improperly handled. In addition, the LaserDock Pro's electrical pins are safely disengaged during an automatic emergency disattachment.

Gold-Plated Spring-Loaded Pins Provide Protected and Reliable Connections

The incorporation of gold-plated, spring-loaded pins in the LaserDock Pro's design ensures protected and reliable electrical connections. This feature is crucial for maintaining consistent performance and longevity of the device. The gold plating enhances conductivity and resists corrosion, while the spring-loaded mechanism ensures a secure and stable connection every time. This combination of durability and efficiency in the electrical connections significantly contributes to the overall reliability of the LaserDock Pro.

Hard Anodized Aluminum Construction: Sturdy and Light

LaserDock Pro is constructed from hard anodized aluminum, a material known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. This choice of material ensures that the device can withstand the rigors of continuous use in a CNC environment. The anodized aluminum construction not only provides a sturdy industrial-grade frame for your laser head but also provides a lightweight design, facilitating easier handling and maneuverability. This combination of strength and lightness makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of industrial and professional applications.




it was fast to reach York


great option

now i can use it with my older Opt Lasers models also, so finally docking is fun !


QOL 10/10

i have the old laser dock but this one is a huge upgrade thanks Opt always the best

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Electronics and air connect/disconnect just like that! I love the magnetic station from you guys, and this is a very well-thought-out upgrade to the old one!

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