PLH3D-CNC Adapter Pro

✔ Provides communication between CNC machines and laser heads.

✔ Ensures an additional layer of safety for users and laser heads.


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PLH3D-CNC Adapter Pro Manual (1.08M)

PLH3D-CNC Adapter Pro Manual

Product description

Adapter V2 is a must-have next-gen upgrade for all Opt Lasers users, featuring an LCD screen, a smoother user experience, and additional functionalities. While it was designed primarily for the newly-released XT8 laser head, it is also an excellent upgrade for all Opt Lasers users with PLH3D-30W, PLH3D-15W, XT-50, XT-10, XF+, or XF laser heads. It can also be adapted to other diode laser heads that have up to 50 Watts of optical (laser) power.

Adapter V2's primary function is to transform different types of control signals, produced by CNC machine controllers, into a PWM/TTL or Analog control signal format used by laser heads. Secondly, it also serves as an additional layer of safety for the user as well as the laser head.

Adapter Pro Features and Functionalities

Smoother, Better and More Intuitive User Experience

With the Adapter V2, intuitive predefined CNC machine-specific programs can be easily utilized. By rotating the new mode button in the Settings' Step 1, users can directly select a dedicated CNC machine program from a predefined list displayed on the LCD screen. The screen shows CNC machine names such as Shapeoko, X-Carve, Ooznest, Openbuilds and more, ensuring users will not be uncertain if their chosen Enable program is appropriate. Users can also access Advanced Settingsto configure an appropriate Enable Settings for any unlisted CNC machine. Additionally, the status of the resulting Enable signal(s) is shown in real time on the display screen, indicating whether the Enable signals reach levels required for the Adapter V2 to pass the control signal to the laser head.

In addition, the LCD screen displays statuses of the CNC controller's signals, and the Adapter V2 can generate a laser-on signal for as along as necessary. This not only helps in smoothing the setup but also assists with CNC laser work. Furthermore, in case of any issues, the Adapter V2's smart issue verification and communication system will indicate the location of the issue with dedicated screen-displayed messages.

Three New Functionalities for Control Signal Checking

Adapter V2 introduces two innovative signal verification systems to facilitate setup, streamline laser work, and offer troubleshooting capabilities.

The first system checks the state of a laser control signal entering the Adapter V2's TTL/PWM or the Analog input pins. The resulting reading is shown in real time on the LCD screen. Analog signal verification indicates the presence or absence of the Analog signal, while TTL/PWM signal verification provides the exact duty cycle of the laser control signal, translating to the laser head's output power (ranging from 0 to 100%). This feature not only aids in the setup process but also keeps users informed about the effective laser power in use, enabling adjustments to software settings for precise and repetitive laser cutting and engraving without additional calculations.

The second signal verification system simulates a PWM control signal at any desired fill level and sends it to the laser head when activated. This functionality allows users to confirm correct wiring between the laser head and Adapter V2. In addition,it permits low-power laser firing to visualize the laser beam's direction, providing valuable assistance in subsequent laser work.

CNC Laser Adapter V2's Start Screen With 100% duty cycle PWM signal detection

Start Screen Showing 100% PWM Signal Detected

Compatible with Previously Released Laser Heads

Adapter V2 is a must-have next-gen experience for all Opt Lasers users. Besides XT8, this next-gen Adapter V2 is also compatible with PLH3D-30W, PLH3D-15W, XT-50, XT-10, XF+, and XF laser heads.

Communicates Any Issues Automatically

Thanks to its smart issue detection and communication system, the Adapter V2 identifies any issues that may arise and communicates them on the LCD screen with dedicated messages.

For instance, electronic malfunctions at the laser head resulting in electrical current overloads can be detected. Moreover, the system can identify if the laser head has been disconnected. It is also capable of detecting a power grid outage or wear and eventual failure of the power supply unit. In the event of a power outage, the system will disarm the laser head for user safety and then restart its systems. Furthermore, it can identify issues with user-added external switches. For XT8, the system will also verify the status of the laser head.

CNC Laser Adapter V2's Communication Features

Additional Low-impedance Opto-isolated Inputs

Adapter V2 also features two new inputs, located on top. The first one is an additional Enable input, running parallel to the standard Enable 1 input, serving as an OR logic gate for the first Enable. The second one is a low-impedance opto-isolated PWM input for laser control.

Retains the Best Features of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter

Adapter V2 also retains all the best features of the PLH3D-CNC Adapter. This includes rapid plug-and-play wiring and the capability to transform almost any TTL, PWM or Analog CNC machine control signal into a signal suitable for the laser head. Adapter V2 also retains the safety key lock to prevent unauthorized use.

Remote Arming

Adapter V2 incorporates a dedicated input pin, providing users with remote arming functionality. This feature is particularly useful for industrial manufacturers seeking the ability to operate their laser system in a completely digital manner, eliminating the need to manually press the mode button.

Analog Signal Slicing for Advanced Applications

Designed for scientific and specific industrial applications, a dedicated fast Enable input is now available to slice an Analog signal. This enables users to achieve a lower maximum laser power with a chosen duty cycle. For instance, by combining a 5% Analog signal with a 1% duty cycle enable signal, a control signal is generated that effectively yields 0.05% laser power, delivering it in short pulses of 5% laser power.



A great upgrade to an already great product

I love the addition of the LCD screen! It makes the setup much easier!

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