Lightburn CNC Software License

Lightburn is a CNC software for G-Code based controllers such as Grbl, Smoothieware, Grbl-LPC, and Marlin.

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Product description

The following CNC software can be used as a laser software that controls the movement of your cutting and engraving laser. The Lightburn CNC Software allows you to:

  • import artwork in a wide range of familiar image formats (as well as vector graphic formats), including JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, BMP, SVG, PLT, DXF and AI.
  • adjust settings such as speed, power, number of passes, contrast, brightness, cut order and application of a dithering mode among other options.
  • edit, refine, arrange, but also devise new vector shapes within the CNC software, with effective and powerful features such as boolean operations, offsetting, node editing and welding. 
  • send your idea straight to your cutting and engraving laser.

This CNC software works on Windows Mac OS and Linux. 


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