High-Efficiency Engraving Lens

✔ Can be used for collimating or focusing laser beams.

✔ Aspheric design nearly eliminates spherical aberration.

✔ Features a broadband AR coating for 400-700 nm.

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Product description

About the High-Efficiency Engraving Lens

This high-NA lens can be used to focus or collimate laser light. The aspheric design reduces or nearly eliminates spherical aberration without the need for multiple lens elements. Its short effective focal length (EFL) of 4 mm makes a variety of working distances possible. This lens has a broadband anti-reflection (AR) coating over the 400-700 nm range on both surfaces, making it useful for a variety of applications in addition to engraving at the 450 nm wavelength.

The High-Efficiency Mounted Aspheric lens is designed to obtain as much as possible power from the laser diode. Its short effective focal length (EFL) of 4 mm makes a variety of working distances possible but makes the focus spot almost twice bigger compared to High-Resolution Lens. This lens should be used for engraving thick lines on wood or plastic.

Suggested focus distance: 20 - 80 mm

Note for engraving applications:

This lens is included with our PLH3D-6W-Series laser engravers. It is easy to clean the surfaces of the lens if they should become dirty when engraving, which may be done with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and an optical wipe. However, in some cases, it can be necessary to replace the lens. It is recommended to purchase an extra lens with PLH3D-Series laser heads if the product will be used in an environment where dust, smoke or oil are generated.

Note that our PLH3D-Series Focus Adjuster accessory is not compatible with this lens


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