Laser Diode Drivers  

Laser drivers for CNC and specialized laser systems. Drivers for laser diodes are divided into two main categories: medium-power and high-power laser diode drivers. Our standard product line includes laser diode drivers that operate in the current range of 1 A to 60 A and compliance voltage ranging from 12 V to 48 V. These drivers feature 100 kHz analog bandwidth (-10 dB, square wave), turn-pot current adjustment, bias (offset) to compensate for threshold behavior, current limit settings, transient and ESD protection, compact dimensions, easy mounting and heat sinking ability, and integrated TEC controllers. In addition to our standard product line, we provide tailored solutions by either developing laser controllers from scratch or customizing existing designs to meet specific customer requirements.

Laser Diode Drivers subcategories

  • LPLDD-1.5A-12V Laser Diode Driver

    Single channel 1.5 A, 3.3-12 V laser diode driver. The low current version of the LPLDD-5A-12V dedicated to working with single and multi-mode laser diodes. Proper shunt resistor and customized parts assure low noise even with small current values. Analog input allows modulating the current with the speed of up to 100 kHz square waves.

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