One channel 1,5A 3,3-12V laser diode driver. Low current version of the LPLDD-5A-12V dedicated to work with single and multi-mode laser diodes. Proper shunt resistor and customized parts assure low noise even with small current values. Analog input allows to modulate the current with the speed of up to 100kHz square wave.

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    Product Description

    Low current version of LPLDD laser diode driver. Driver’s maximum output current value is 1,5A. This wersion was created for lower power laser diodes in order to assure smooth waveforms, fast rising/falling time and low ripple.


    LED diode showing that driver is connected.

    Softstart protect againts switch-on effects

    It has labels on the board - more intuitive and easier to set

    Smaller size - only 15mm x 30mm


    It has large surface of copper which cools the sense resistor.


    Basic driver for powering laser diodes with the option to adjust maximum output current in the range of 0-1,5 A, and to modulate the current flowing through the diode with frequency up to 100kHz.


    Since it is lite version of the driver it does not have protection against polarity change. Be sure you connect it acordingly to the labels on the PCB.


    By selecting an appropriate PSU the driver in question, it is possible to power literally every laser diode available on the market up to 1,5W of output power, 445 nm, 520 nm, 638 nm, 650 nm, 808 nm, 980 nm.

    The examples of diodses are: 1 W 445 nm, 700 mW 635 nm, 200 mW 808 nm, 1 W 808 nm, 1W 520nm, and all low power single mode laser diodes.


    Recommendations and requirements

    The supply voltage should be always higher than or equal to 3,3V. The minimum supply voltage for other situations is given by the formula:

    Vin = 0,6* I + Vd

    Vin is input voltage

    Vd is diode working voltage

    I - desired maximum current


    Modulation input can be used as TTL input with its logic levels of 0V and 5V or as an analog input. Analog modulation means that by using 2,5 V on ANG input you get 50% output power, analogically by using 4 V you get 80% output power, etc.


    We recommend the use of power cables with cross-section of at least 0.35 mm2.

    Depending on used laser diode and PSU, you should monitor and assure proper cooling for the MOSFET transistor. The MOSFET/MOSFETS must be isolated from the heatsink/plate with silicon pad as well as plastic sleeve. Short circuit between MOSFET and heatsink/plate can damage the driver and can be dangerous for the Laser Diode.




    Modulation input of the driver is protected by 5V1 Zener diode. Nevertheless, one should not use modulation voltage higher than 5V. Shottky diode is being used for ESD protection.


    The output of the driver is protected by shottky diode which doesn't allow the reverse voltage to appear.

    Technical Data

    Dimensions30 x 15 mm
    Input Voltage3,3 - 12 V
    Max Ouptut Current1,5 A
    Max. Modulation Frequency100 kHz
    Max. Power Dissipation15W
    Modulation Input Voltage Range0 - 5 V
    Modulation TypeAnalog
    Pre-Set Current Setting750 mA
    Softstart Time50 ms
    Transistor Type UsedN-MOSFET
    Rise Timeless than 1.5µs
    Fall Timeless than 1.5µs
    Noise and Ripple (RMS)4.2 mA