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Opt Lasers offer a wide range of blue laser heads which is why everyone will find something that suits them. The PLH3D-Series Laser Engraving Heads are designed to process wood, plywood, balsa, cardboard, paper, leather, rubber, plastic, and foam. These blue laser heads also work well for marking and engraving stainless steel, tool steel, carbon steel, and titanium as well as many other materials.

We also produce a wide array of electronics connected with laser technology starting from tiny drivers for smaller laser diodes, through compact drivers with TEC modules to high power drivers dedicated for infrared laser diodes. Since laser devices are connected with temperature stabilization, we created a whole section of temperature controllers. We also offer customized orders in this section. Water cooled modules, TEC based modules or passive cooling can greatly increase the efficiency of laser systems.

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  • We offer ongoing partnership and support regarding Opt Lasers products as a company.

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  • Assembly of all components including accessories.

  • The connection to the Controller is shown with an explanation of plugging in the appropriate pins.

  • PLH3D Adapter allows the head to be safely turned off, and the key serves as an additional form of security.

  • Proper calibration allows you to get the most out of the PLH3D series.

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