Customized Laser Diode Modules


Opt Lasers is uniquely renowned for quick development as a result of extensive laser characterisation and in-house prototyping capabilities, as well as vast experience. Opt Lasers’ headquarters contain electronics and laser R&D facilities, a full-service machine shop and a well-supplied stock of components.

Our team offers flexibility in design electronics and optical systems to provide the best possible solution for your laser system specification to maximize performance and minimize costs. Thanks to the vast engineering experience, Opt Lasers can provide a variety of customized modules to be a reliable partner for industrial and laboratory facilities.

Customizable laser modules features

  • Output Power
  • Emitted Wavelength
  • Beam Size
  • Beam Quality and Uniformity
  • Dimensions and Weight
  • Operating Temperature Range
  • Modulation Input and its bandwidth
  • Private Labeling
  • Packaging, mounting

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Additional components

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