TEC Controller Units

TEC Controller Overview

TEC controller products, designed and manufactured with care by our engineers, ensure optimal current flow through Peltier cells. By using carefully designed TEC controllers and well optimized PID parameters users can control the temperature of cooled or heated devices with high accuracy.

Opt Lasers has been a TEC controllers manufacturer since 2014. We specialize in PID TEC controller units with high temperature stabilization up to 0.05 °C. High reliability, low noise, compactness and simplicity makes our TEC controllers stand out from the crowd and enables them to operate in harsh and noisy conditions.

Due to the company's extensive experience in the production of TEC controllers, Opt Lasers can produce customized TEC controllers to match the operating parameters of the specific Peltier cells, working temperatures and the user's application.

TEC-12A-24V-ADV RS232 USB Programmable Temperature TEC Controller

The Opt Lasers TEC-12A-24V-ADV Temperature Controller is an advanced device specifically designed for precise temperature control in various applications. It boasts exceptional temperature stability, surpassing 0.05°C, making it highly suitable for research and development, manufacturing, and laboratory environments.

One of its notable features is the ability to program temperature cycles. This empowers users to create custom temperature profiles, granting them flexibility and control throughout the temperature regulation process. The controller operates within a wide temperature range of -50°C to 150°C, catering to a diverse set of applications.

TEC-12A-24V-ADV offers a range of connectors such as USB and RS-232, facilitating seamless integration with other devices and systems. Users can further fine-tune the temperature control process through user-configurable PID control parameters and alarm outputs, enhancing flexibility and control.

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TEC ControllerCapability for Cooling or HeatingMax. TEC CurrentTemperature Sensor TypeTemperature Setpoint RangeOperating Temp. RangeProgrammable generator of temperature cycles
TEC-12A-24V-ADV RS232 USB Programmable Temperature TEC Controller Yes 12A 10k NTC B3950 / Pt 100 -100°C to +100°C +0 to +40 °C Yes
Customized TEC controllers

Compact Temperature Controller Units

The Opt Lasers Compact Temperature Controllers are characterized by their very small size in relation to the electrical output power - up to 600 W. Most of the controllers from this series can work in cooling mode with possibility of temperature stabilization up to ±0.05°C.

They are based on the PID algorithm and work on the higher the temperature difference between the setpoint and actual value, the higher the fill of the internal PWM control signal, which is proportional to the output supply voltage. The PWM signal has a low frequency due to the high constant or time temperature systems. This reduces the thermal losses resulting from switching the signal from low to high state and back.

In Opt Lasers offer there are also simplified TEC controller modules, operating on the switch off principle working in a small area of the temperature feedback of even smaller size but characterized by a lower level of temperature stability.

Shop Category

TEC ControllerSupply Voltage [V]Current [A]Temperature Setpoint Range[°C]Temperature Sensor TypeTemperature Stability [°C]Working mode
TEC-8A-24V-PID-HC 5-24 8.0 0-50 10k NTC B3950 ±0.05 Cooling and Heating
TEC-20A-25V-PID-H 7-25 20.0 10-40 10k NTC B3950 ±0.2 Cooling
TEC-20A-25V-PID 7-25 20.0 10-40 10k NTC B3950 ±0.2 Cooling
TEC-20A-30V 5-30 20.0 10-40 10k NTC B3950 ±0.4 Cooling
TEC-10A-24V 3-24 10.0 10-40 10k NTC B3950 ±0.4 Cooling
Customized TEC controllers

TEC Controller Modules with Programmable Temperature 

The output power of programmable controllers in the regular offer is 240W. Peltier cells can be connected in series or parallel to optimize the operation and size of the cooling system. Controllers can work either in heating or cooling mode with the possibility of temperature stabilization of ±0.05°C, while PID parameters are correctly selected.

Users can set PID and temperature parameters both with potentiometers and RS232 protocol, which makes it easy to set PID parameters through popular programs used in industry and laboratories as lab view, putty, python and others.

Depending on the user's needs these controllers can be customized and both the operating mode and the communication mode as well as the output power of the controller can be changed.

Shop Category

TEC ControllerSupply Voltage [V]Current [A]Temperature Setpoint Range[°C]Temperature Sensor TypeTemperature Stability [°C]Working mode
TEC-8A-24V-PID-HC-RS232_A 5-24 8.0 -100-100 P0K1.202.3FW.B.007 ±0.05 Cooling and Heating
TEC-8A-24V-PID-HC-RS232_B 5-24 8.0 0-50 10k NTC B3950 ±0.05 Cooling and Heating
Customized TEC controllers


USB - RS232 TTL Converter T RS232 TTL converter designed to TEC controller 7-15 V, 0-8 A.
TEC Module 8 A Peltier module - 8 A 12V