PLH3D-XT8 45W Cutting and Engraving Laser Head

45W PLH3D-XT8 Laser Head. Opt Lasers' thorough design ensures superior performance and reliability. It achieves exceptional precision while easily cutting through materials like 15mm wood even in a single pass. This makes the PLH3D-XT8 the fastest and the most powerful in its class, perfect for detailed artistic work and robust industrial applications.

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Preorder your XT8 Universal CNC laser add-on kit for any CNC machine, with an attractive special $400 discount for orders placed before 18.02.2024! This special pricing is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your CNC machine with this cutting-edge high-power XT8 laser kit.

All orders with XT8 laser kits are expected to be shipped in mid-February. In case of any changes, you will receive an update regarding the shipping status.

Benefits offered by Opt Lasers for the first time on this market.

5-year Opt Lasers Warranty
Free Shipping for Individual Customers
Lifetime Technical Support
#1 in Customer Support
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for Returns
Optional Collision or Laser Head Drop Insurance
Product Originating from the Laser Head Concept Creator
Made in Poland, EU

World's No. 1 PLH3D-XT8 Laser Head in Complete Plug & Play Laser Upgrade Kits for All CNC Machines:

Opt for the best solution for your CNC machine with the Hyper-Performance XT8 CNC laser kits. These comprehensive kits, coming directly from the market leader (and manufacturer) of laser heads, contain the most impressive and advanced laser head on the market.

They also include all essential components such as Laser Safety Glasses, PLH3D-CNC Adapter Pro, and an aluminum mount for easy integration with CNC machines. Furthermore, the kit is equipped with a signal cable, signal wires and a PSU, ensuring compatibility with the CNC controller. Trust in the best – this XT8 kit is your all-in-one Plug&Play package, delivering top-notch performance and hassle-free setup for your machine, from us, Opt Lasers.

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PLH3D-XT8 45W: More Powerful than CO2 Lasers, Yet More Energy Efficient

The PLH3D-XT8 laser head revolutionizes the laser cutting and engraving industry, eclipsing the most popular CO2 lasers not only in power but also in energy efficiency. In terms of energy consumption, while a CO2 laser consumes around 650 W to deliver the same amount of energy, a blue laser like the PLH3D-XT8 requires only about 200 W. Furthermore, the PLH3D-XT8's 45 W power output not only outperforms the typical 40 W CO2 lasers but also demonstrates Opt Lasers' market leadership in laser head manufacturing. Opt Lasers' careful design and engineering of the PLH3D-XT8 guarantee outstanding performance and dependability.

The laser spot size of the PLH3D-XT8 is below 200 um, enabling it to achieve extremely precise details and making it clearly visible during operation. This precision, combined with its ability to effortlessly cut through materials like 15 mm wood, establishes the PLH3D-XT8 as the fastest laser head in its class, suitable for both intricate artistic work and robust industrial applications. In essence, the PLH3D-XT8 represents a significant advancement in laser technology, offering unparalleled power, superior energy efficiency, and the capability for highly detailed work, making it ideal for a wide range of cutting and engraving needs.

PLH3D-XT8 CNC Laser Features:

  • Unmatched 45W of maximum optical power, new standard in laser head power and performance.
  • Narrow kerf for minimal material loss, thanks to the tight beam and excellent focus depth.
  • Superior cutting efficiency thanks to an adjustable shape-evolvent air assist nozzle, integrated into the laser head.
  • Optimized for versatility: Choose high-speed cutting or detailed engraving with dual operating modes.
  • Experience ultrafast performance and enhanced safety with the integrated laser diode driver and safety electronics.
  • Enhanced safety during operation with the armed LED indicator.
  • Optimal cooling thanks to a top-class fan delivering 92 m³/h (52 CFM) airflow.
  • Sturdy aluminum mounts for secure and reliable installation, eliminating hidden costs.
  • Durable and easy to clean anodized aluminum enclosure for long-lasting use.

Faster, More Diverse Material Cutting - PLH3D-XT8

All below materials are cut with one pass (click below to play the video)

Demonstration of PLH3D-XT8 Blue Laser Engraver

Features & Benefits of the PLH3D-XT8 Laser Head In Details

Superior Focus Depth Without the Height Adjustment Hassle - Say goodbye to the challenges of working with uneven, bent, or rough surfaces. The PLH3D-XT8 laser head, with its remarkable focus depth and extended beam waist, is uniquely adept at handling surface irregularities. This means consistent, effective laser processing on both curved and flat surfaces without the need for constant adjustments or leveling. Moreover, the XT8 achieves high-performance in single-pass cutting, comparable to multi-pass methods with Z-axis adjustments, making it a perfect choice for users who value efficiency and quality in a straightforward, less hands-on approach.

PLH3D-XT8's Integrated and Adjustable Air-Assist Nozzle  - The PLH3D-XT8 features an advanced built-in adjustable Air-Assist nozzle for optimal setup in both thin material engraving and efficient thick material cutting. Its proprietary design significantly enhances the cutting process by removing debris, maintaining clarity, and accelerating cutting up to six times. The shape-evolvent nozzle ensures even pressure distribution, minimizing waste re-aspiration and aligning hot air flow with the laser beam. This precise airflow control not only boosts cutting efficiency but also reduces heat-related damage risks. The PLH3D-XT8's Air-Assist nozzle exemplifies our dedication to advanced, efficient, and precise laser solutions.

Two Operating Modes for Grayscale Engraving and Full-Power Cutting Modes - The PLH3D-XT8 laser head offers two power modes: 50% for grayscale engraving and 100% for high-speed black and white engraving and efficient cutting. The 50% mode, using about 0-20W, is perfect for detailed grayscale work, providing precision in shade rendering. The 100% mode excels in rapid cutting, even through thicker materials, and achieves clean cuts in a single pass without sacrificing quality. It leverages all laser diodes for full capacity operation, suitable for high-power tasks while still supporting a wide range of PWM signal variations for grayscale versatility. This adaptability makes the PLH3D-XT8 ideal for various materials and applications, from fine engraving to effective cutting of thick materials.

Copper Heatpipe Heatsink: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Cooling - The Copper Heatpipe Heatsink Technology employed in our systems represents a pinnacle in cooling efficiency. This advanced technology utilizes a special gas that rapidly changes phase, enabling swift heat absorption and transfer. The heat is efficiently conveyed from the source to an additional heatsink, ensuring optimal cooling performance. This method is not only highly effective but also enhances the overall stability and longevity of the equipment by maintaining a consistently lower operating temperature.

Signaling LED for Enhanced Operational Awareness
The PLH3D-XT8 laser head is equipped with a signaling LED, indicating when the unit is armed and ready. This LED is a critical safety feature, signaling that the laser will activate upon receiving a modulating signal. It enhances operational safety by ensuring users are aware of the laser's armed status. The LED also serves as an overheating indicator: it blinks if the ambient temperature exceeds 40°C (104°F) and shuts down the laser head at temperatures of 45°C (113°F) or higher, ensuring both safety and proper temperature management.

Strongest Fan Available on the Market in its Size  - Cooling is not the only thing that the fan is doing - it moves 92 m3 of air per hour (52 CFM), providing a great smoke removal system.

The Superfast Built-In Driver for Unmatched Performance - Opt Lasers leads in innovation by integrating a superfast laser diode driver directly into the cutting and engraving laser head, marking a significant advancement in technology. The close proximity of the laser diode to the driver not only ensures enhanced protection for the laser diode but also enables high-frequency current modulation. This capability is essential not only for achieving precise and rapid engraving results but also for accurately reproducing shades of gray. Additionally, this design effectively eliminates inductance effects that typically occur during switch-on, thereby enhancing both performance and reliability.

Hassle-Free Installation for OEM Applications - The PLH3D-XT8 laser head is designed with a focus on ease of integration, particularly for OEM applications. It features an accessible yet protected screw terminal connection, simplifying the installation process. This thoughtfully designed connector is easy to connect, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Moreover, its strategic placement under a cover shields it from dust and debris during operation.

OEM Customization is Available for Manufacturers of 3D Printers and CNC Machines.

Included Accessories

PLH3D-CNC Adapter Pro

PLH3D-XT8 Adapter

    • Safety key to prevent unauthorized use.
    • Display showing status, input state, PWM signal fill level, and set program.
    • Easy program change and adapter programming capability.
    • System restart in case of power failure.
    • Detection of laser head connection.
    • Additional settings for advanced users.
    • Test mode for checking connections and testing the laser head.
    • Capability for remote arming.
    • Additional opto-isolated inputs.

Laser Safety Glasses

Laser Safety Glasses

  • Enhance your safety with our CE-rated 450 nm Laser Safety Glasses.
  • Offer 50% Visible Light Transmission for clear visibility.
  • High Optical Density (OD) rating of 7+ across the 190 nm to 540 nm range.
  • Effectively reduce the potential harm from diffusely reflected laser radiation.
  • Provide a significant layer of protection against blue laser exposure.

Mount and Height Reference Tool

Mount for PLH3D-XT8 and Heigth Refference Tool

  • Height reference tool for quick and easy adjustment of the laser head's working distance.
  • Sturdy aluminum mount for secure attachment of the laser head or docking station.
  • All basic screws included.
  • Avoid hidden costs.

Power Supply and Wiring

Mounts and power supplies

  • All necessary wiring for seamless connectivity.
  • Compatible with international outlets (US, AU, and Europe).
  • High-quality and low-noise power supply.
  • Designed to simplify setup and enhance user experience with the Opt Lasers Kit.
  • Avoid hidden costs.

Optional Accessories

Magnetic LaserDockⓇ PRO

(Recommended: add at the top of the page)

PLH3D-XT8 LaserDock

  • Simultaneous connection for electricity and compressed air in one docking station.
  • Safety Disconnection Feature: Prevents dangerous vertical collisions.
  • Fast attachment or removal of the laser head in seconds.
  • Heavy Laser Head Mounting Capability: Suitable for heavy laser heads.
  • Gold-Plated, Spring-Loaded Pins: Protected and reliable connections.
  • Position-Locking Capability for Laser Dock.
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Construction.

Laser Safety Window

(Optional: add at the top of the page)

Laser Safety Window

  • Ideal for CNC machine enclosures.
  • Blocks deep ultraviolet, blue, and green light.
  • Enhances the safety of the surroundings.
  • Rated at OD 6+ over the range of 190 to 540 nm.
  • Available in various sizes.

PLH3D-XT8 Applications Gallery

Synthetic Materials with PLH3D-XT8

Built-In Driver with Unmatched Performance - The Heart of The Laser Head

Opt Lasers leads in innovation by being the first to integrate a superfast laser diode driver directly into the cutting and engraving laser head. The built-in driver, the heart of the laser head, ensures enhanced protection for the laser diode. As a manufacturer of laser diode drivers, Opt Lasers has leveraged years of experience to create a highly efficient driver with low power consumption and minimal heat production. This makes using the cutting and engraving lasers at high speeds feasible, even for small details or tight radius turns, thanks to the driver's ability to process all necessary signals swiftly. Moreover, with a maximum driver current of 6A, operating it at 3-4A ensures longevity and reliability, providing an offset for extended driver life.

  • Maximum output current capacity: 6 A
  • Typical output current: 3-4 A
  • Input voltage 24 V
  • Integrated microcontroller for temp. measurement and soft start
  • Thermal protection system: 45 °C
  • Soft start for diode protection
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Compact size and 90% efficiency
  • CW Mode and Input Control Mode
  • PWM/TTL input
  • Status output (5V = OK) input
  • Modulation bandwidth 0-30 kHz

Product Technical Specifications

Maximum Optical Power 45 W
Dimensions of Laser Head (L x W x H) 76 x 89 x 194 mm
(3 x 3,5 x 7,64 in.)
Weight of Laser Head, Typ. 1050g (2.31 lb.)
With LaserDock: 1230g (2.71 lb.)
Flow Rate of Fan 92 m3/h (53 CFM)
Fan Noise 58 dBA
Mounting Hole Pattern 5x 4 holes, 24 x 15 mm
(0.94 x 0.59 in.)
Mounting Hole Type M3 x 0.5 x 3 mm
Max. Ambient Temperature 40°C (104°F)
Modulation Input PWM/TTL,
0 – 24 V
Recommended PWM Base Frequency 1 – 5 kHz
Max. Modulation Bandwidth 30 kHz
Modulation Input Impedance >1 kΩ
Power Supply Unit Voltage 24 V
24 V PSU Min. Current 8 A
Maximum Power Consumption 170 W

    Example Cutting and Engraving Speeds with PLH3D-XT8

    MaterialOperation TypeThicknessSpeedLaser PowerPasses
    Wood Engraving N/A 350 mm/s (827 inch/min) 100% 1
    Engraving N/A 70 mm/s (165 inch/min) 20% 1
    Plywood Engraving N/A 350 mm/s (827 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 3 mm (0.118") 22.5 mm/s (53.1 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 4 mm (0.157") 12 mm/s (28 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 6 mm (0.236") 6 mm/s (14 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 10 mm (0.394") 3 mm/s (7 inch/min) 100% 1
    Fiberboard (HDF)
    Engraving N/A 350 mm/s (827 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 3 mm (0.118") 12 mm/s (28 inch/min) 100% 1
    Fiberboard (MDF)
    Engraving N/A 350 mm/s (827 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 7.5 mm (0.295") 4 mm/s (9.4 inch/min) 100% 1
    Balsa Engraving N/A 350 mm/s (827 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 12 mm (0.472") 40 mm/s (94 inch/min) 100% 2
    Pinewood Engraving N/A 350 mm/s (827 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 15 mm (0.591") 3 mm/s (7 inch/min) 100% 1
    Pigskin Leather
    Engraving N/A 3000 mm/s (7090 inch/min) 100% 1
    Engraving N/A 60 mm/s (142 inch/min) 2% 1
    Cutting 2 mm (0.079") 50 mm/s (118 inch/min) 100% 1
    Hard Veg-Tan
    Cowhide Leather
    Engraving N/A 3000 mm/s (7090 inch/min) 100% 1
    Engraving N/A 60 mm/s (142 inch/min) 2% 1
    Cutting 4 mm (0.157") 18 mm/s (42.5 inch/min) 100% 1
    PU (Polyurethane) Faux Leather Cutting 2 mm (0.079") 50 mm/s (118 inch/min) 100% 1
    White Marble (Deep) Engraving N/A 52 mm/s (120 inch/min) 100% 1
    Slate Engraving N/A 140 mm/s (330 inch/min) 100% 1
    Black Acrylic Cutting 2 mm (0.079") 7 mm/s (17 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 5 mm (0.197") 6 mm/s (14 inch/min) 100% 3
    Cutting 10 mm (0.394") 6 mm/s (14 inch/min) 100% 4
    Orange Transparent Acrylic Engraving N/A 220 mm/s (520 inch/min) 5% 1
    Red Acrylic Cutting 2 mm (0.079") 4.2 mm/s (9.9 inch/min) 100% 1
    Green Acrylic Cutting 2 mm (0.079") 2.8 mm/s (6.6 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cotton Engraving N/A 180 mm/s (425 inch/min) 15% 1
    Jeans Cutting 0.5 mm (0.0197") 255 mm/s (602 inch/min) 100% 1
    High-Density Reinforced Nylon Cutting 3.6 mm (0.142") 6 mm/s (14.2 inch/min) 100% 1
    White Polyester Cutting 0.2 mm (0.00787") 60 mm/s (142 inch/min) 100% 1
    White High-Density Polyester Cutting 0.4 mm (0.0157") 25 mm/s (59 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cordura Cutting 0.35 mm (0.0138") 150 mm/s (354 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 0.5 mm (0.0197") 95 mm/s (224 inch/min) 100% 1
    Felt Cutting 4 mm (0.1575") 70 mm/s (165 inch/min) 100% 1
    Polyfoam Cutting 40 mm (1.575") 5 mm/s (12 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 40 mm (1.575") 15 mm/s (35 inch/min) 100% 3
    EVA Foam Cutting 3 mm (0.118") 140 mm/s (331 inch/min) 100% 1
    Cutting 5 mm (0.197") 85 mm/s (201 inch/min) 100% 1
    Polyurethane (PU) Foam Cutting 10 mm (0.394") 88.5 mm/s (209 inch/min) 100% 1
    Carbon Fiber Cutting 0.5 mm (0.0197") 15 mm/s (35.4 inch/min) 100% 1
    Glass Fiber Cutting 0.7 mm (0.0276") 5 mm/s (11.8 inch/min) 100% 1
    Stainless Steel (Deep) Engraving N/A 70 mm/s (165 inch/min) 25% 1
    (Deep) Engraving N/A 280 mm/s (661 inch/min) 100% 1
    Marking N/A 865 mm/s (2040 inch/min) 100% 1
    Tool Steel (Deep) Engraving N/A 70 mm/s (165 inch/min) 25% 1
    (Deep) Engraving N/A 280 mm/s (661 inch/min) 100% 1
    Marking N/A 865 mm/s (2040 inch/min) 100% 1


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