Laser Diode Driver Units


Laser Diode Driver products (LD drivers in short), designed and manufactured by us, ensure optimal current flow through laser diodes. By using carefully designed LD drivers, users can protect LDs from damage, ensure lifetime above 10 000 h and enable fast modulation with either TTL, or analog signal.

Opt Lasers has been a LD drivers manufacturer since 2014. We specialize in high speed medium and high power drivers working in laser diode current stabilization mode. High reliability, low noise, compactness and simplicity makes our LD drivers stand out from the crowd and enables them to operate in harsh and noisy conditions.

Due to the company's extensive experience in the production of LD drivers, Opt Lasers can produce customized laser diode drivers for clients specific systems and applications.

Medium Power Laser Driver Units

Opt Lasers medium power drivers are characterized by small size in relation to the power they can carry. They are linear drivers operating on the principle of stabilizing the current flowing through a laser diode (LD). The current flowing through a LD is proportional to the voltage at the analog input. All drivers are equipped with analog input that can also work with TTL signals.

Most of the drivers in this series do not have solder connectors to ensure the best quality of signal waveforms and due to the great variety of connectors used in laser technology it is easier to adapt the driver to work.

Depending on a particular model, Opt Lasers drivers are equipped with heatsink and LEDs that indicate the basic processes in the driver.

In the LPLDD series Opt Lasers cover a combination of a LD driver and a TEC controller with feedback loop on board.

Shop Category

Laser Diode DriverSupply Voltage [V]Current [A]Modulation-3 dB Bandwidth [kHz]Rise/Fall Time [ns]Heatsink included
LPLDD-0,5A-35V-TP-H 3.3-35V 0,5 Analog / TTL 700 <1us YES
LPLDD-10A-35V-TP-H 3.3-35V 10 Analog / TTL 400 <1us YES
LPLDD-1,5A-35V-TP-H 3.3-35V 1,5 Analog / TTL 700 <1us YES
LPLDD-5A-35V-TP-H 3.3-35V 5.0 Analog / TTL 700 <1us YES
LPLDD-5A-24V-TP-H 3.3-24.0* 5.0 0-5V Analog 850 930/470 YES
LPLDD-5A-24V-TP 3.3-24* 5.0 0-5V Analog 850 930/470 NO
LPLDD-10A-24V-TP-H 3.3-24* 10.0 0-5V Analog 750 1180/490 YES
LPLDD-5A-24V-PID-H 3.3-24 5.0 0-5V Analog 600 1000/690 YES
LPLDD-5A-24V-PID 3.3-24 5.0 0-5V Analog 600 1000/690 NO
LPLDD-10A-24V-PID-H 3.3-24 10.0 0-5V Analog 740 1070/630 YES
LPLDD-10A-24V-PID 3.3-24 10.0 0-5V Analog 740 1070/630 NO
LPLDD-5A-12V 3.3-12 5.0 0-5V Analog 680 530/650 NO
LPLDD-1.5A-12V 3.3-12 1.5 0-5V Analog 650 350/590 NO
Customized laser drivers

*Control Electronics Voltage 7.5 - 24V

Multichannel Laser Diode Driver Products

Opt Lasers multichannel driver series is based on optimized stacking up medium power drivers to one board in order to minimize the number of components and provide common logic supply between driver modules. Each driver module has independent analog control and all channels have a common power supply.

These drivers are ideal for powering low and medium power laser diodes (LDs) depending on the application. They are typically used for multi LD systems e.g., in RGB laser modules. When powering higher power laser diodes it may be necessary to solder wires directly to the driver instead of using connectors.

Like all drivers also this one can be customized to optimize parameters and functions of the driver to the specific application and laser diodes it will work with.

Shop Category

Laser Diode DriverSupply Voltage [V]Current [A]ChanelsModulation-3 dB Bandwidth [kHz]Rise/Fall Time [ns]
LPLDD-1A-16V-3CH 7 - 16 1.0 3 0-5V Analog 830 410/490
LPLDD-5A-16V-3CH 7 - 16 5.0 3 0-5V Analog 840 390/510
Customized laser drivers

High Power Drivers

Opt Lasers is a manufacturer of high power drivers for laser diodes operating at high voltages up to 75 volts as well as high current drivers for laser diodes requiring current up to 100 amperes. Despite the high operating currents of our drivers, they are characterized by high modulation speed.

Thanks to the modular internal structure of the drivers, changing their parameters does not require large expenditures during production of prototype series. The offer includes several sample drivers covering the power capabilities of some high power laser diodes. However, in most cases driver customization is required for a specific application or a set of laser diodes.

Shop Category

Laser Diode DriverSupply Voltage [V]Current [A]Modulation-3 dB Bandwidth [kHz]Rise/Fall Time [ns]
LPLDD-5A-24V-TP-H 12-48* 5.0 0-5V Analog 50 1500/1500
Customized laser drivers

*Control Electronics Voltage 10 - 15V