Cable for PLH3D-XT8 Laser Head (7m / 22 ft)

✔ Cable for connecting PLH3D-Series lasers heads or LaserDock Pro to PLH3D-CNC Adapter Pro.

✔ Transfers power and control signals to the laser head.

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Product description

This cable is used for connection between PLH3D-CNC Adapter Pro and LaserDock Pro or PLH3D-XT8 Series Laser Heads. It will also work with other laser heads such as XT-50, PLH3D-30W, PLH3D-15W or XF+ if the connection goes through the LaserDock Pro or if a 5-pin terminal is used instead on the laser head's end. It transfers power supply from the Adapter as well as the control signal from the customer's CNC controller via the Adapter. By default, this cable has 6-pin detachable terminal connectors on both sides.


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