Customized Laser Diode Drivers and TEC Controllers


Opt Lasers is capable of delivering customized laser diode drivers and TEC controllers including those with demanding requirements. We are uniquely able to go from an idea to a manufactured product in as little time as 5 weeks. We do our best to be cost-effective for either a small or large quantity.

Thanks to the vast engineering experience, Opt Lasers can provide a variety of customized drivers to be a reliable partner for industrial and laboratory facilities.

Customizable laser diode driver features

  • High current and/or high voltage
  • Highly efficient (low heat) designs
  • PCB size
  • Supply voltage
  • TEC Controllers on the same PCB
  • Multiple, independent channels
  • Short rise and fall times
  • Addable interface

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Customizable TEC Controllers features

  • High current and/or high voltage output
  • Bipolar output for heating and cooling
  • User-adjustable or pre-set PID settings
  • Various sensor types
  • Multiple, independent channels
  • Communication with computer via UART, RS-232, RS-485 or USB
  • Addable interface

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