USB - RS232 TTL converter

This is a USB - RS232 TTL converter dedicated to TEC controller 7-15 V, 0-8 A.

Reference: 001150

EAN13: 5902693110439


Available quantity: 30 Items


    Product Description

    This is a USB - RS232 TTL converter designed to TEC controller 7-15 V, 0-8 A. This converter is using CH340G chip.


    Converter outputs:

    GND; TXD; RXD; VCC; 5 V; 3.3 V



    Using this device it is possible to connect PC with the TEC controller to read/write* data from it.


    *NOTE: Parameters of the controller can be read in both - basic and advanced version of the controller when changing parameters is possible only in the advanced version of the TEC controller.







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