TEC-20A-25V-PID-H Temperature Controller

TEC-20A-25V-PID-H is an advanced TEC controller with a microprocessor unit, mounted on a compact heat sink. It operates in cooling mode, improving efficiency and reducing board size. It supports Peltier modules with currents up to 20 A.

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Technical Data

Compliance Voltage
7 - 25 V
38 x 50 mm
Max. TEC Current
20 A
Temperature Sensor Type
10k NTC B3950
Accuracy of temperature measurement
±0,2 °C
Temperature Setpoint Range
+10°C to +40°C

Product Description

About the TEC-20A-25V-PID-H Temperature Controller

The TEC-20A-25V-PID-H advanced TEC controller uses a microprocessor unit. It features a compact design and mounts directly on a heat sink. By operating only in cooling mode, the driver achieves higher efficiency and a smaller board size.

The PWM modulation used for current control prevents additional heat dissipation on the MOSFET, thanks to the PID algorithm.

With a two-layer board and wide paths, it supports Peltier modules with currents up to 20 A, while connectors enable a maximum current of 13 A. For larger Peltier modules, direct soldering into the PCB board is recommended. The controller accepts a power supply voltage range of 7 to 25 V, allowing for parallel or series connection of TECs.

Peltier modules can be connected in series or parallel. Proper wiring with larger cable cross-sections is necessary for high current applications.

The stabilization temperature range of this controller can be customized. Please contact us via email with your inquiry.

TEC-20A-25V-PID-H Temperature Controller

Recommendations and requirements

  • We recommend the use of power cables with a minimum cross-section of 1 mm2.
  • The maximum current flowing through the board depends on the Peltier module used, which can be determined from their labels (e.g., 12704 represents 12 V and 4 A, 12715 represents 12 V and 15 A).


MOSFET temperature should be monitored and can not exceed 70 degrees Celsius.

An additional fan might be required to ensure the proper cooling of MOSFETs. Excessive heat may damage the MOSFETs and laser diodes may be burned.




It offers reliable and stable temperature management.


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