TEC-12A-24V-ADV RS232 USB Programmable Temperature TEC Controller

The TEC-12A-24V-ADV is an advanced PID temperature controller for TEC modules. It has a current source output, making it efficient and compatible with various TEC types. It supports bipolar and unipolar modes and can be controlled remotely via a serial connection. With versatile inputs and outputs, it offers precise temperature control.

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Product description

The Opt Lasers TEC-12A-24V-ADV Temperature Controller is an advanced device specifically designed for precise temperature control in various applications. It boasts exceptional temperature stability, surpassing 0.05°C, making it highly suitable for research and development, manufacturing, and laboratory environments.

One of its notable features is the ability to program temperature cycles. This empowers users to create custom temperature profiles, granting them flexibility and control throughout the temperature regulation process. The controller operates within a wide temperature range of -50°C to 150°C, catering to a diverse set of applications.


❍  Advanced temperature regulator for controlling TECs (Peltier modules)

❍  Current control mechanism for lower noise 

❍  Provides heating and cooling

❍  Applies to a wide range of TEC types

❍  Maximum TEC current: 5A or 12A (depending on version)

❍  Temperature stability: better than 0.05°C

❍  Supply voltage: 9…24V

❍  Output voltage: 0…20V

❍  Supports two sensor types: NTC 10k and PT100

❍  PID regulation with user-presettable parameters

❍  Programmable generator of temperature cycles

❍  Smart fan speed control

❍  Rich set of inputs and outputs

In terms of connectivity, the TEC-12A-24V-ADV offers a range of connectors such as USB and RS-232, facilitating seamless integration with other devices and systems. Users can further fine-tune the temperature control process through user-configurable PID control parameters and alarm outputs, enhancing flexibility and control.

A standout feature is the inclusion of LED indicators that convey the driver's status. The green LED signifies normal operation, while the red LED indicates an error or alarm condition. These visual indicators assist users in troubleshooting and monitoring the driver's status.

Furthermore, the TEC-12A-24V-ADV supports two thermistors, namely the main and aux thermistor, enabling enhanced temperature regulation and monitoring capabilities. This feature is particularly valuable in applications that demand precise temperature control.

The TEC-12A-24V-ADV temperature controller finds applications in laser diode temperature control, semiconductor testing, medical equipment, food processing, and numerous other fields. With its programmable temperature cycles, exceptional temperature stability, and a variety of connectors, it offers versatility for a wide range of industries and applications.



Great opportunities

We work with it at the university



That temperature controller ensures precise heat regulation for optimal performance.



perfectly well suited for this task.



ideal for my temperature-sensitive applications.


It's so versatile!

I appreciate that this controller is compatible with Peltier modules operating within the 5 to 24 V supply voltage range.



This controller's temperature control range is incredible! I can now handle a wide range of temperatures with ease.

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