TEC-8A-24V-PID-HC Temperature Controller

This is an improved digital temperature controller.

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Product Description

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This version of TEC controller allows to ready parameters through UART.

If you would like to also set parameters by UART, then please find here version of controller:


UART programmable TEC controller


The subject of the auction is an improved digital temperature controller. New version is able to heat and cool without changing any jumpers. It has also open collector output which allows to use it as signal for other devices. Additional LED diodes show heating or cooling activity. Also the dimensions of the PCB are smaller and mounting holes has been added.

You can use UART to read the temperature setpoint, actual temperature and PID parameters values. To this end just use the GND, TXD and RXD outputs. To read proper value of the temperature you have to use thermistor with BETA value of 3950 which is also included with the driver.

Its small size, simplicity of regulation and versatility make it widely used in many areas. It is dedicated to work with 12 V thermocouples (Peltier modules) yet it does well with all modules whose supply voltage falls in the range of 5 to 24 V.

With the use of four potentiometers, the temperature setpoint as well as values of the PID controller parameters can be set. The controller operates in PWM mode (Pulse Width Modulation) and can control currents of up to 8 A. For the temperature sensor, it uses a standard 10 k NTC thermistor. By default the temperature setpointr is set to 20 degrees Celsius.

Due to the possibility to set the parameters of a PID controller, the driver can be adapted to almost any system. Depending on the inertia of the system, properly adjusted driver is able to maintain the desired temperature with an accuracy of up to +- 0.05*C.


Connecting the driver to the PC.

TXD should be connected to RXD, RXD should be connected to TXD, GND should be connected to GND

The current flowing through the Peltier cell depends on the supply voltage used. Most of the common modules should be supplied with the voltage of 12 to 15V, and the maximum current that flows through them is defined by a cell symbol. For example, the 12708 symbol means that the cell should be supplied with the voltage of 0 to 12V, and a maximum current which can be used amounts to 8A.


Recommendations and requirements

We recommended the use of power cables with minimum cross-section of 0.5mm2.


The system detects a lack of connection with a thermistor and then switches WARNING LED on. As long as the connection is lost, the driver will not take any action and the open colector output is grounded

If the temperature is higher than 45 degrees Celsius, WARNING LED starts to blink but the driver is working normally.

If the temperature is higher than 70 degrees Celsius, WARNING LED is ON and driver will not power the Peltier module. Also the open collector output is grounded.

Technical Data

Capability for Cooling or HeatingYes
Dimensions59 x 44 mm
Max. TEC Current8 A
Recommended Power Supply UnitYes - LED diode
Temperature Sensor Type10k NTC B3950
Temperature Stabilization Accuracy±0,1 °C
V TEC5 - 24 V
V LOG7 - 24V