PLH3D-6W-XF+ Engraving Laser Head with a free G2 Lens

Specs: 6W Optical Power, SD 85 DPI 300um spot, max wood cutting thickness 6 mm (¼”)

Best For: Standard Engraving, Soft Materials Cutting, MultiPass Material Cutting

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Individual Kit Parts

Technical Data

40 x 54 x 78 mm
Focus Distance
20 - 120 mm
Input Voltage
12 - 24 V
Max. Power Consumption
30 W
58 dBA
210 g (7.4 oz.)
Mounting Hole Type
M3 x 0.5 x 4.5 mm
Operating Ambient Temperature
0 - 45°C (32 - 113°F)
Mounting Hole Pattern
4 Holes 24 x 15 mm (0.94 x 0.59 in.)
Modulation Input 1
0 - 5V Analog/TTL/PWM
Modulation Input 2
0 - 24V TTL/PWM
Max. Modulation Bandwidth
30 kHz
Laser Diode Wavelength
450 nm
Laser Diode Optical Power
6 W
Max. Power Density
225 [kW/cm^2]

Product Description

PLH3D-6W-XF+ Versatility and Sustainability

PLH3D-6W-XF+ were created as a series of compact and light laser heads. Their versatility allows to use them with almost all CNC machines available on the market. Due to the fact that their size and weight (70 – 220 g) have been significantly reduced, they are perfect even for small and delicate mechanisms. High-speed driver built inside the laser head protects it against inductance effects and allows to switch on the laser diode faster. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that the length of the wire between the power supply and laser head can reach a few meters without causing any problems.

PLH3D-6W-XF+ laser heads do not require any additional cooling what makes them perfect for use in machines made of composites, wood or plastic. Thanks to specially adapted optics, the beam spot size that provides very high power density allow to cut and engrave many types of materials. PLH3D-6W-XF+ laser heads are a great substitute for CO2 CNC lasers and can work with special engraving laminates, laser foils and many standard materials such as wood, rubber, cardboard, fabrics, leather, painted/anodized metal. 6W lasers are also great for stainless steel and titanium marking.

Parts included in the PLH3D-6W-XF+ Cutting and Engraving Laser Head:

      • PLH3D-6W-XF Cutting and Engraving Laser Head
      • High-Speed driver with Analog and PWM/TTL inputs
      • PLH3D Lens Adjusting Tool
      • High-Resolution Engraving Lens (Factory-preset)
      • High-Efficiency G2 Engraving Lens
      • Connector Plug

XF+ in Complete Plug & Play Laser Upgrade Kits for All CNC Machines:

Click to view the dedicated machine category with kits. For details on the PLH3D-6W-XF+ Laser Head, see below.

Features & Benefits of the PLH3D-6W-XF+ Cutting and Engraving Laser Head In Details

Cutting and Engraving - PLH3D-6W-XF+ blue laser allows to cut and engrave various materials such as wood, cardboard, rubber, paper, textiles, leather, plastic, balsa, plywood, and many others, as well as mark stainless steel, titanium and low heat conductance subtypes of steel. To learn more, please check our Manuals and Articles section.

Improved Safety - The cutting and engraving laser head is now equipped with an “Armed” indication LED. Whenever the engraving laser head is connected to the power supply, the indication LED will turn on.  Additionally, the LED will indicate overheating in case it happens. Whenever the ambient temperature of the environment in which the engraving laser operates in a CW mode exceeds 40⁰C (104⁰F), the indication LED will start blinking. Such a warning means that the temperature is about to cross the maximum operating temperature. In case the ambient temperature reaches 45⁰C (113⁰F) and above, the indication LED will no longer work and the engraving laser head will shut down.

Factory Set Lens - the engraving laser head is shipped with the High-Resolution Triplet lens installed and adjusted to focus at 60.0 mm (measured from the front-face surface of the laser head to the engraving plane). This focal distance has a well-optimized focal spot size which is suitable for many laser cutting and engraving applications. This is the best-optimized focus distance to start with! 

PLH3D-6W-XF laser engraver factory set focus

Improved Lens Adjustment & Symmetric Beam Offset - The working (focus) distance can be quickly set or changed with the included lens adjuster. Enhanced lens adjuster with a rubber seal is compatible with all commercially available M9x0.5 lenses makes the rotation smooth and easy. In some applications, such as laser engraving of wood, it is recommended to defocus the cutting and engraving laser by a small amount in order to achieve a symmetrical beam. This can be done by translating the laser engraver forward or backward in the beam propagation direction by the amount shown in the table below. Doing so will allow the engraving laser to engrave with the same line thickness in both the X and Y directions. However, for some applications, such as engraving metals and laser cutting, maximizing the power density is more desirable than having a symmetrical beam. In these cases, defocus is not always necessary or recommended for the best performance.
Recommended Z heigth change for square beam spot shape optimization:
PLH3D-6W-XF+: ±4.4 mm (±0.173")

For example, The PLH3D-6W-XF laser engraver has a factory-preset focus at 60.0 mm from the front of the engraving laser head. Setting the laser to 64.4 mm or 55.6 mm (+/- 4.4 mm from the focus) will allow the laser head to engrave with the same line thickness in both directions.

Input Signal Versatility and 5/10V Analog input Switch - the build-in driver allows accepting a variety of signals 0 - 5 V analog signal and 0 - 5 V, 0 - 10 V or 0 - 24 V for PWM/TTL signal. The engraving laser head is now equipped with an additional switch for the 10 V analog input. Modulation Input 1 of the cutting engraving laser can be changed from 0–5 V analog input to 0-10 V analog input. This change makes this cutting and engraving laser even more versatile, and compatible with more CNC machines and 3D printers. Please refer to the user manual to find out how to change the voltage range on Modulation Input 1.

The Built-in Driver inside the Engraving Laser Head - Opt Lasers is the first company that integrated the laser diode driver directly into the cutting and engraving laser head. A short connection between the laser diode and a driver ensures better protection for a diode, possibility of high-frequency current modulation as well as eliminates inductance effects during the switch-on. In contrast to the previous generation of the driver, the engraving laser diode driver features enhanced efficiency, produces less noise, and is built with even-higher quality components, which ensures improved reliability and long lifetime of the engraving laser.

Accepts a Wide Range of Power Supplies - 12 - 24 V, the integrated high-efficiency DC-DC converter is adjusting the input voltage to proper diode compliance voltage. This reduces the amount of heat generated and ensures over-voltage protection.

No Additional Cooling Required 24 hours / 7 days- This lightweight 220 g (7.8 oz) engraving laser requires no additional cooling and can work constantly 24 hours every day. The engraving laser's body acts as a heatsink, and the fan design allows it to function as an air nozzle, protecting the lens from the smoke whilst also cooling the laser head. Rigorous testing on tens of prototype designs allowed us to optimize the heatsink’s shape and enable efficient cooling while maintaining the module’s notably compact design the distinct shape of the cutting and engraving laser heads provides the best possible cooling method for a 6 W laser diode. Numerous prototypes have been tested to find the best solution for cooling the laser diode. The current design allows the engraving laser to warm up by only 2 - 3 degrees Celsius after a whole hour of constant work at full power.

Two Types of Lenses Included - The High-Resolution Triplet Lens with lens adjuster has a relatively long effective focal length (EFL) of 8 mm, which allows it to focus laser light to a small spot. All 6 lens surfaces are coated with anti-reflection (AR) coating centered at 450 nm. It is usually preferred for engraving a thinner line, cutting a thicker material due to the reduced convergence and divergence, or when a long distance between the cutting and engraving laser head and the plane of the object to be engraved is necessary.

High-Efficiency Mounted Aspheric Lens is designed to transmit as much power as possible from the laser diode. Its short effective focal length (EFL) of 4 mm makes a variety of working distances possible, but makes the focal spot almost twice as big compared to the Triplet Lens. This lens should be used for engraving thicker lines on wood or plastic. This type of lens is used without the lens adjuster since they need to be mounted closer to the laser diode.

Strongest Fan Available on the Market in its Size - cooling is not the only thing that the fan is doing - 43 m3 of air per hour (25 CFM) makes a great smoke removal system. Additionally, the fan has 70000 hours of life expectancy.

Compatible with Accessories for the Ease of Use - ease of work as well as safety is crucial to us. Accessories we produce are of highest quality, milled on CNC machine, which makes the work easy and safe. Please check out the accessories we prepared for the PLH3D series.

OEM Customization is Available for Manufacturers of 3D Printers and CNC Machines.

Compatison of the electrical design and lifespan of Opt Lasers engraving lasers versus competition

Example Applications

PLH3D-15W Plywood Cutting
Birtch Plywood
Thickness Feed Rate Step
3mm (0.118") 5mm/s (11.8 IPM) 0.6mm (0.023")
6mm (0.236") 5mm/s (11.8 IPM) 0.5mm (0.019")

Woodworking - Cutting and Engraving Wood

Blue laser engraving can produce a detailed pattern with round edges as well as darken the color of the wood. Laser engraving can be used to engrave a logo or a photo, which can’t be done with milling bits. With PLH3D-6W, you can laser engrave wood and wood-based materials, including cork, chipboard, particleboard, alder, cherry, maple, MDF, basswood, balsa, veneers, medium-density-fiberboard and high-density-fiberboard.

Steel Marking
Material Operation Feed Rate
Anodized Aluminum Marking 50mm/s (118 IPM)
Painted Steel Marking 50mm/s (118 IPM)

Engraving Anodized Aluminum and Painted Metals

Blue laser engraving can produce a detailed pattern with round edges as well as darken the color of the wood. Laser engraving can be used to engrave a logo or a photo, which can’t be done with milling bits. With PLH3D-6W, you can laser engrave wood and wood-based materials, including cork, chipboard, particleboard, alder, cherry, maple, MDF, basswood, balsa, veneers, medium-density-fiberboard and high-density-fiberboard.

Laser Cutting Fabric with PLH3D Lasers from Opt Lasers Grav
Material Thickness Feed Rate
Polyester 0.4mm (0.015") 40mm/s (94IPM)
Jeans 0.5mm (0.019") 8mm/s (19IPM)
Leather 1.5mm (0.059") 30 mm/s (70IPM)
Rubber 0.5mm (0.019") 15mm/s (35IPM)

Cutting Textiles and Thin Synthetic Materials

The high absorption of blue laser light for numerous materials enables fast cutting without damaging protection layers used in textile cutting. Blue laser cutting and engraving are suitable for diverse types of textiles including Cordura™, Alcantara, felt, 1080 denier nylon, jeans, short-staple fiber cotton, wool, tartan, fleece, white polyester, softshell, silk, lace and linen. High power density enables laser cutting textiles with carbon-reinforced yarn and nylon-reinforced yarn as well as white textiles. Many robust materials used in the production of tents, kites, and bags can be cut at 60 mm/s.

Other PLH3D-6W-XF+ Applications Gallery

Built In a Laser Diode Driver by Opt Lasers - The Heart of The Laser Head

Opt Lasers is also a laser diode drivers manufacturer. Due to our experience building over years, we created a very high-efficiency driver with low power consumption and low heat production. Additionally, it is the fastest dedicated engraving laser driver available on the market, accepting signals up to 30 kHz. Using 6 W cutting and engraving laser at high speed is no longer a problem while engraving small details or making small radius turns, because the engraving laser controller is able to read all necessary signals.

CNC controllers are able to send modulation signals at great speeds, hence 30 kHz is not a problem to them. This is why a high-speed driver is a must in such a device. The driver is able to read 30 000 instructions every second, which creates enhanced precision and resolution in terms of power control. Also, the maximum driver current is 6 A so using it with 3 - 4 A value ensures an offset and a long life of the driver.

High power and high-frequency current laser diode driver

  • Maximum output current capacity: 5 A
  • Typical output current: 3-3.5 A
  • Input voltage 12-24 V
  • Integrated microcontroller for temp. measurement and soft start
  • Thermal protection system: 45 °C 1
  • Soft start for diode protection
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Compact size and 90% efficiency
  • CW Mode and Input Control Mode
  • PWM/TTL and analog inputs
  • Modulation bandwidth 0-30 kHz

Available Accessories

LaserDock (Included in the Kits)Speeds up your work and keeps your laser clean

An effective solution for both large and small CNC machines and 3D printers, this magnetic docking station allows the PLH3D-XT Series laser for engraving to be quickly attached or removed. This facilitates quick access for CNC milling or 3D printing. By protecting the laser head from plastic or wood dust from your printer or CNC mill, it can extend the lifetime of the engraving laser and reduce maintenance. It also allows you to take advantage of the entire working area of your 3D printer or CNC machine.

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle (Included in the Kits) - Speeds up laser cutting and engraving up to 6 times

Being compatible with the XT and XF+ Laser Head, the High-Pressure Air Nozzle is a priceless asset for laser cutting and engraving. Not only does it speed up cutting and engraving with laser by up to 6.5 times, but it also substantially improves the attained quality of the processed material. With the High-Pressure Air Nozzle your yield will have noticeably enhanced quality with uniform and well-defined features. Our High-Pressure Air Nozzle will also protect your optics from smoke and dust particles, extending the intervals between subsequent lens cleaning routines, and boost user safety.

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

Laser Safety Glasses (Included in the Kits) - Ensure the highest quality of protection

These laser glasses can help reduce the probability of light entering the eye from the diffusely reflected laser light. It is important to note that while these laser glasses may be helpful at adding an additional layer of safety for diffusely scattered light, the user should not depend on them to protect against the beam entering the eye, either directly or indirectly. It is necessary to take additional precautions when working with lasers, receive proper training on how to do so and not depend on equipment as an alternative to safe practices.

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

Other accessories (Included in the Kits) - To make your Opt Lasers Kit plug & play

With these accessories, it is a plug & play kit. Height Reference - helps you set your working distance, power adapter with AC adapter to allow you to plug into all outlets (US, AU and Europe), wiring and screw set to connect everything together and mount to connect the machine.

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

PLH3D-CNC Adapter (Included in the Kits) - Easy connection to any CNC machine

Many types of CNC machines and 3D printers with different control voltage standards and levels available on the market may be used to control the PLH3D head. The PLH3D-CNC Adapter converts all these signals to the standard compatible with the PLH3D head. The PLH3D-CNC Adapter contains widely used industry-standard screw connectors. A dedicated desktop low-noise power supply unit assures compatibility and reliability as well as eliminates problems caused by using third-party power supplies. The general status (power, armed, laser working) may be checked at a glance by watching three LEDs.

PLH3D-CNC Adapter

Blue Laser Safety Window (Compatible with all Blue Lasers) - Install as you need

These laser windows can help reduce the probability of light entering the user’s eye from a diffusely backscattered laser light. This product is rated at OD 6+ over the range of 190 to 540 nm, blocking deep ultraviolet to green including violet and blue light.

High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle

Product Technical Specifications

Laser Diode Optical Power 6W
Dimensions of Laser Head (L x W x H) 40 x 55 x 78(105) mm
(1.6 x 1.7 x 3.1(5.9) in.)
Weight of Laser Head, Typ. 220g (7.76 oz.)
Flow Rate of Fan 43 m3/h (25 CFM)
Fan Noise 58 dBA
Mounting Hole Pattern 4 holes, 24 x 15 mm
(0.94 x 0.59 in.)
Mounting Hole Type M3 x 0.5 x 4.5 mm
Max. Ambient Temperature 45°C (113°F)
Modulations Inputs 2
Modulation Input 1 Analog/TTL/PWM,
0 – 5 V
Modulation Input 2 TTL/PWM 0 – 24 V
Recommended PWM Base Frequency 5 – 10 kHz
Max. Modulation Bandwidth 30 kHz
Input Impedance of 1 and 2 >1 k-Ω
Power Supply Unit Voltage 12 – 24 V
12 V PSU Min. Current 2.5 A
24 V PSU Min. Current 1.25 A
Max. Power Consumption 30 W

    Important Additional Information:

    • Remember that it is not a toy.
    • Laser radiation is dangerous even when scattered or reflected from any surface.
    • Always use proper protection laser filter on your CNC machine dedicated to 430 - 480 nm in order to avoid reflected radiation.
    • Never point laser head at people or animals.
    • Do not touch the beam, it may cause burns or other injuries. 
    • Do not stare at the beam or the beam spot while the material is being cut.
    • Laser radiation - Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation.
    • Class 4 laser product.


    The PLH3D-6W-XF+ blue cutting and engraving laser head has two separate controls.

    Modulation Input #1 accepts 0 - 5 V or 0-10 V for analog power modulation

    Modulation Input #2 accepts 0 - 3.3V, 0 - 5 V, 0 - 10 V or 0 - 24 V for TTL/PWM, turns on the laser when the voltage exceeds 1.8 V. 

    Important: Do not connect both Modulation Input 1 and Modulation Input 2 at the same time. Doing so may result in malfunction of the engraving laser.

    Important: PLH3D-6W-XF engraving laser should be powered with a high-quality power supply without anything else connected. Please note: connecting the laser engraver to the same power supply unit as a stepper motor or any other high-impedance equipment is not recommended. Doing so may cause damage to the laser diode.

    Material Testing Gallery

    Laser Cutting Fiber Reinforced Foil
    Laser Cutting Leather
    Laser Cutting Synthetic Materials

    Laser Engraving PCB
    Engraving Powder Painted Metal
    Stainless Steel Marking with Laser

    Laser Cutting Cardboard
    Laser Cutting Foam
    Laser Cutting Black PET Plastic

    Laser Cutting Balsa Wood
    Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminium
    Laser Cutting Jeans Denim Fabric

    Laser Cutting Balsa Wood
    Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminium
    Laser Cutting Jeans Denim Fabric

    Laser Cutting Balsa Wood
    Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminium
    Laser Cutting Jeans Denim Fabric

    Laser Cutting Balsa Wood
    Laser Engraving Anodized Aluminium
    Laser Cutting Jeans Denim Fabric



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