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High-Performance X-Carve Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-XT-50 and LaserDock

PLH3D-XT-50 Ultra HD+ Plug&Play Laser Kit with LaserDock for X-Carve CNC

X-Carve PLH3D-XT-50 Laser Upgrade Kit

Specs: 6W Optical Power, Ultra HD 550DPI 45um spot, max wood cutting thickness 3 mm (⅛”)

Best For: Very Detailed Engraving, Thin Materials Cutting

Includes: Laser Head, Laser Dock, PLH3D-CNC Adapter, Mount and Screws, PSU, Wiring, Air Nozzle, Height Reference Tool

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Items included in the kit:


XT-50 Manual v 1.1 (4.15M)

XT-50 Laser Head Product Description and Manual

Product description

Great choice! This full X-Carve CNC Laser Add-on kit with XT-50 laser head, arguably the best single-laser-diode laser cutter and engraver on the market, is a perfect addition for your X-Carve CNC machine! It contains everything you need for your X-Carve CNC machine - from plug-and-play electronics for X-Carve CNC controller, through mechanical mount to laser safety equipment. Effectively, it allows you to set up your XT-50 laser head on your CNC machine in a matter of minutes! Laser process with Ultra HD Precision or deliberately offset your laser’s height to engrave with up to a 3 mm (0.12 inch) thick line or curve in a single pass thanks to XT-50’s adjustable-size square laser spot! Designed with care to maximize cooling, the machined Aluminium housing and the strongest-in-class fan increase the XT-50 laser’s lifespan to 10k-30k working hours, 20-200 times longer than other laser heads on the market last on average!

Laser Engraver and Laser Cutter Offering Ultra HD Precision Processing - XT-50 laser head from Opt Lasers

Benefits offered by Opt Lasers for the first time on this market.

5-year Opt Lasers Warranty
Free Shipping for Individual Customers
Lifetime Technical Support
#1 in Customer Support
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for Returns
Optional Collision or Laser Head Drop Insurance
Product Originating from the Laser Head Concept Creator
Made in Poland, EU

Why Is Your Choice of XT-50 and This X-Carve Laser Add-On Kit a Sound Decision?

XT-50 can be used for laser processing of almost all materials. For wood, wood-based materials and cotton it can laser engrave at the maximum speed of popular CNC machines, approximately >80-150 mm/s (3.15-5.9 inch/s or 189-354 IPM). It also typically consumes up to 16 times less electrical power than other types of laser solutions for laser processing commonly-available materials to a desired effect.

XT-50 is the most precise high-power laser head on the market, offering a 2469 kW/cm² focused laser spot. Even if the laser beam was focused to a smaller laser spot, the human eye would not notice the difference in the laser cutting and engraving precision. XT-50 laser head can engrave with a sub-0.05 mm (sub-0.00197 inch) laser spot, which corresponds to the real-life DPI of 550+. The human eye cannot notice the difference between the real-life DPI above 300 (ie. the physical density of spots on a real-life physical material).

XT-50 performs exceptionally well compared to other types of lasers because commonly processed materials have an innate preference for shorter-wavelength laser sources. In practice, using the XT-50 laser head on your X-Carve CNC helps you advance your production while reducing costs and providing exceptional quality of your produce.

Not Just a X-Carve CNC Laser Kit - A Fusion of Must-Have Professional Accessories

  • Up to 6.5 faster laser processing with High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle!

    2-3 Times Faster Cutting and No Scorch Marks at Edges of Cuts and Engravings!

    Up to 6.5x faster laser processing

    Gets rid of scorch marks at the edges

    Regulable nozzle height for different material thicknesses

  • Mount your laser cutter and engraver in a matter of seconds!

    Attach and Dismount in 2 Seconds!

    Swift Shelter from Dust & Contamination

    Protects XT-50 against collision

    Always returns the XT-50 to the exact same 3D position

  • Set-up whole laser kit on Your CNC machine in less than a minute!

    Additional Layer of Safety and Rapid Integration With the PLH3D-CNC Adapter!

    Wire up in 30 seconds

    Extra layer of safety against damage

    Additional Safety Features

  • Dedicated X-Carve laser mount

    Dedicated Mounting for Your X-Carve CNC Machine

    Designed specifically for your CNC machine

    No hidden costs from add-on mounts

    Ready to use without hassle with provided screws

  • OD 7+ Certified Blue Laser Safety Glasses

    Professional Level of Eyewear Safety

    OD7+ for 190-540 nm wavelength range

    Less than 0.00001% of the incident blue laser light passes through

    CE Certified

  • Laser Engraver Working Height Reference Tool

    Quick Working Height Set-up

    Set-up initial working distance in 7 seconds

    For quick follow up with Work Distance calibration

XT-50 Laser Head Allows You to Unlock Your Potential:

Ultra HD Precision Engraving on a Ceramic Tile Showing a Beautiful Woman

Laser Engrave with Ultra HD Precision

With XT-50’s next-gen optical system, you can laser engrave various materials with Ultra-HD precision thanks to a sub-0.05 mm (sub-0.00197 inch) laser spot. XT-50’s aspherical lens system at the diffraction limit reaches the theoretical limit of the resolution performance, ensuring sharp, crispy engraving and minimizing the edge charring.

Adjustable-Size Square Laser Spot

Use XT-50 with the laser spot size you want! Laser process with Ultra HD Precision or deliberately offset your XT-50's working height to engrave with up to a 3 mm (0.12 inch) thick line or curve in a single pass, thanks to XT-50’s adjustable-size square laser spot!

Adjustable-Size Square Laser Spot

Laser Cut Plywood Showing How Precisely XT-50 Laser Head Can Cut Compared to a Pencil Tip

Laser Cut with Ultra HD Precision

Laser cut with Ultra-HD laser precision, and be able to cut more materials and cut faster than with other single-laser-diode laser heads!

Laser Engrave Wood and Cotton at the Maximum Speed

Unlike other single-laser-diode laser heads, with XT-50 you can laser engrave wood, wood-based materials and cotton at the speed limit of your CNC machine - 80-150 mm/s (3.15-5.9 inch/s or 189-354 IPM). You will also engrave other materials significantly faster and be able to laser process more problematic materials requiring higher laser power density.

Rapid Laser Engraving

Laser Engraved QR Code on Stainless Steel Teaspoon Showing How Precisely XT-50 Laser Head Can Engrave

Laser Engrave or Mark Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Titanium

XT-50’s optical power density, 2469 kW/cm², is so high that it allows you to not only laser mark stainless steel and Titanium, but also laser engrave them. Laser marking stainless steel is defined as the change in the surface colour and can be scrubbed off with a few energetic scrubs with fine sandpaper. Laser engraving stainless steel, on the other hand, refers to removing a layer of metal and is practically permanent.

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Opt Lasers products always stay ahead of the curve and disrupt the established market around the globe. Our mission is to transform the laser industry and production lines by offering durable high-tech products that bring about noticeable change and are accessible to everyone.

Opt Lasers, established in 2014, is a brand of Tomorrow’s System Sp. z o.o., and a quality leader in providing compact cutting and engraving laser heads for the CNC machines market.

Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Opt Lasers is a respected European manufacturer of high-quality optical and electronic devices. Opt Lasers’ portfolio encompasses industrial-grade laser heads for cutting and engraving, standard and custom laser modules, laser diode drivers and temperature controllers. It is also an OEM manufacturer with extensive laser characterization capabilities and can provide laser modules for integration into larger systems at scale for a variety of applications. Opt Lasers’ headquarters contain electronics and laser R&D laboratory facilities, a full-service machine shop and a well-supplied stock of components. Our customers include industrial and commercial integrators alike, original equipment manufacturers, universities and research centers, as well as end users of engraving laser heads.

Blue lasers have emerged as a game-changer in the manufacturing industry, offering a host of benefits, across various applications, that add value to products, or streamline production processes while reducing costs:

Up to 16 times less electrical power required to process a material to a desired effect

Compact Dimensions - Approx. 100 laser heads occupy the same space as a single CO2 laser

Lower greenhouse gases emition by your company means you can process more materials and enjoy lower emissions fees

Manufacturing Efficiency and Greenhouse Gases Emission Comparison of Manufacturing Laser Systems with Blue Lasers vs IR Lasers vs CO2 Lasers

Optical Output Power 6.0 W
Wavelength 450
Beam Spot Size sub-50 µm (Adjustable-Size Square Spot)
Resolution for Laser Engraving Applications 550 DPI
Dimensions of Laser Head (L x W x H) 40 x 55 x 140 mm
(1.6 x 1.7 x 5.51 in.)
Weight of Laser Head, Typ. 300 g
Flow Rate of Fan 43 m³/h (25 CFM)
Fan Noise 58 dBA
Mounting Hole Pattern 4 holes, 24 x 15 mm
(0.94 x 0.59 in.)
Mounting Hole Type M3 x 0.5 x 4.5 mm
Max. Ambient Temperature 40°C (113°F)
Modulations Inputs 2
Modulation Input 1 Analog/TTL/PWM,
0 – 5 V
Modulation Input 21 TTL/PWM 0 – 24 V
Recommended PWM Base Frequency 5 – 10 kHz
Max. Modulation Bandwidth 30 kHz
Input Impedance of 1 and 2 >1 k-Ω
Power Supply Unit Voltage 12 – 24 V
12 V PSU Min. Current 2.5 A
24 V PSU Min. Current 1.25 A
Max. Power Consumption 30 W
  1. "Laser Off" state is <2 V. "Laser On" state is 3 – 24 V.



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Precision Craftsmanship

A must-have for CNC enthusiasts.


A Craftsperson's Dream

Just integrated the PLH3D-XT-50 into my woodworking projects, and I'm stunned by the results. The precision and ease of use have allowed me to bring my most intricate designs to life. This laser head has become an indispensable tool in my workshop.


Melhoria Fantástica

Adicionar a cabeça laser PLH3D-XT-50 à minha CNC foi a melhor decisão que tomei. A qualidade das gravações melhorou imensamente e a facilidade de troca entre CNC e laser é incrível. O suporte ao cliente da Opt Lasers também é excepcional, sempre disponíveis para ajudar.


Elevating Woodturning Projects

Opt Lasers' laser head has brought new life to my woodturning projects. The precision and versatility of this tool have opened up a world of possibilities for me. A must-have for any serious woodworker!


Precision is unmatched.

Just finished a custom walnut inlay with the XT-50. Precision is unmatched.



I've tried a bunch of engraving machines, but nothing compares to the XT-50. It’s efficient and the results are consistently great.

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