High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle Kit for XT-Series

✔ Performance accessory for XT-Series laser heads.

✔ Increases laser processing speeds up to 6.5 times and decreases heat related damage to the material.

✔ Protects laser optics from smoke and debris.

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Product description

The High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle, designed specifically for laser cutting and engraving, significantly boosts productivity by increasing operational speed up to 6.5 times (and typically 2-3 times for the majority of materials). Alongside faster processing, it dramatically enhances the quality of the finished products, creating items with uniform, precise details. More than just a tool for quality and speed, the nozzle contributes to equipment longevity, protecting the front lens from smoke and dust, and extending laser head's lens cleaning intervals. Additionally, its length can be adjusted to accommodate various material thicknesses. It's compatible with the new generation of XT-Series laser heads, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your existing setup.

High-Pressure Air-Assist Nozzle Kit contains:

- High-Pressure Air-Assist Nozzle

- Air Pipe Connector (M5 / 4 mm)

- O-Ring Seal (8x1 FPM)

- Air Pipe (Ø4mm; 5 m long; and an inside diameter of 2.5 mm)

- Four M3x3 Screws

- Hex Key (L-type; 1.5 mm)

Additional Information and Recommendations

Suitable Compressor

You can use any compressor to supply air to your High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle. However, the optimal flow rate will require some experimentation, as it varies depending on the type of material being processed. Consequently, smaller compressor units may not achieve the desired results. Larger tank capacities and superior compressor performance can drive more air through the nozzle. Moreover, high-grade compressors provide a more comfortable experience as they don't need to frequently refill the tank. We recommend a compressor offering a real airflow of 10-12 l/min and a tank capacity of 50 liters or more. However, nothing prevents you from trying a smaller compressor.Many customers have reported success using compact 5-liter compressors, readily available on Amazon for approximately $50.>Amazon for approximately $50.

Recommended Airflow Values

Based on our expertise, a real airflow rate of 10-15 l/min typically suffices for most materials, with 15-20 l/min being the absolute maximum we'd suggest. Beyond 20 l/min, the laser cutting speed for all materials tends to decline. We suggest starting with a real airflow rate of 10 l/min, and then, gradually increase (or decrease), as the optimal airflow value will vary depending on the material.

For most laser cutting applications, an optimal real airflow value is usually within the 10-15 l/min range.

However, when it comes to laser engraving, lower airflow values between 1-3 l/min are recommended.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have more questions.

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