FS-50W High Power Blue Laser Source

High-power blue laser source for Galvo Scanners and CNC Machines. This high-power module delivers exceptional precision and high brightness. Its small, square spot ensures accurate and focused laser beams, perfect for various applications. Designed with compactness in mind, this module offers a sleek and efficient solution for your scanning needs.

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Product description


FS-50W Blue Laser Source is a new design of a high-power multi-laser head. It uses new technology for astigmatism compensation of semiconductor laser beams. Thanks to our sophisticated optical solution it provides the possibility to focus output beams to a single spot of a small size, even with a focusing system with a long focal length. High focusing capability of the output beam makes the module especially suitable for use with galvo scanners.

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Product Features

  • High Optical Power
  • High Brightness and Collimated Laser Beam
  • Integrated Laser Diode Driver
  • Compact Design
  • High Thermal Stability
  • Long Lifetime
  • Large Modulation Bandwidth


  • Organic Material Labeling/Marking/Cutting
  • Metal Marking, Welding
  • Electronic Components Soldering
  • Laser Powder Sintering
  • Engraving on Metals and Organic Materials
  • Underwater Material Processing

Beam Spot Profile

Beam Profile of High Power Blue Laser Module

The beam spot of FS-50W Blue Laser Source is single mode in fast axis (horizontal axis) and multimode in slow axis (vertical axis).

Measurement Conditions:

  • Laser beam focused with 170mm focusing lens;
  • Beam Profiler placed in the beam waist plane;
  • Beam waist plane defined as the highest power density plane;
  • Laser operated in a quasi-CW mode with 100Hz frequency and 1ms pulse duration

High-Power 50W Blue Laser Module is built with multiple laser diodes, each of which emits slightly different spectrum. As a result, the emission spectrum of the laser module is relatively broad. For applications where narrower spectrum is required, laser diodes can be wavelength tested prior to production. This meticulous testing ensures that when the laser diodes are combined within the module, their individual spectra align to create a matched spectrum.

Typical Spectrum

Spectrum of High Power Blue Laser Module

Typical Power Drift and Warm Up Time

Power Drift of High Power Blue Laser Module

Thermal processes in the laser head cause thermal drift of laser light power. Until the thermal equilibrium of the device is reached, power of the output light beam changes slightly. The FS-50W Laser Source requires up to 30 minutes of working to stabilize the level of the emitted light power. Power fall could reach 5% during the first half hour of working. After that the power stabilizes and next flows are caused by laser diode aging.

Typical Rise and Fall Time

The laser module is integrated with a driver that provides power supply required by lasers. The driver can work in continuous and pulse modes. In the continuous mode the light power depends on the voltage level fed into the analog modulating input. Modulation bandwidth of this input is limited to a frequency range of 0-500kHz; In the pulse mode the light can be modulated with voltage pulses fed into the digital modulating input. Laser light pulse duration depends on the modulating voltage pulse duration. Highest possible pulse repetition rate is determined by rise and fall time of the light pulses on the output of the laser module. For the FS-50W laser source, the typical value of the rise and fall time is less than 1.5μs and F_pmax equals 300kHz.


Typical value Comments
Center Wavelength [nm] 450 at 25 deg. C. base temperature
Optical Power [W] 50 at 25 deg. C. base temperature
Typ. Beam Size [mm, @ 1/e2]1 14 x 14 Measured at output aperture, criteria 1/e2 of peak intensity
Typ. Full Angle Beam Divergence [mRad, @ 1/e2]1 0.8 Calculated for far-field, criteria 1/e2 of peak intensity, full angle
Focused Spot Size [um] 120 x 130 Vertical x Horizontal axis, measured with 170 mm focusing lens
Power Stability over 2h, %, with 10 min. warm up < ±5 Over 2h at CW; 15 min. warm up time
Lifetime  10 000 h
Modulation Input 1 0 - 5 V Analog
Modulation Input 2 0 - 24 V PWM / TTL; above 2.8V - high state
-3 dB Bandwidth Modulation [kHz]2 500
Softstart Time [ms] 2000
Rise Time [us] <1.5 at 10kHz 50% SQR wave, Us=24V DC
Fall Time [us] <1.5 at 10kHz 50% SQR wave, Us=24V DC
Cooling Method Passive
Operating Temperature [°C] 10 - 40
Overheat protection Yes
Dissipated Power [W, bottom surface] <150
Max power consumption [W] 500 at Us=24V
Module dimensions (L x W x H) [mm] 182 x 145 x 115
Module Weight [kg] 7

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