HPLDD-5A-48V Laser Diode Driver

Single channel 5 A, 12-48 V, 50 kHz high voltage and power laser diode driver. The driver features two independent power inputs for logic and laser diode sections, enabling the selection of suitable power supply units. Two potentiometers facilitate adjustment of maximum operating current and offset current. An additional monitoring output provides a feedback signal.

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About the HPLDD-5A-48V Laser Diode Driver

The HPLDD-5A-48V Laser Diode Driver is a professional high-power driver designed specifically for high-power laser diodes. It supports current modulation up to 50 kHz and is dedicated to multiple laser diode systems with high operating voltages (up to 48 V). Proper supply voltage is crucial when operating with multiple laser diodes (refer to "Recommendations and requirements" section for the maximum input voltage formula).

The driver features separate inputs for laser diode supply voltage and logic input voltage, minimizing power MOSFET switch-on resistance. Its aluminum heat sink body is isolated from all signals, including GND, allowing for direct mounting on metal components if additional cooling is required. Two potentiometers are provided to adjust the maximum diode current and bias current.

Connectors and pins for power and control are integrated into the laser diode controller. We also offer suitable power supply units. For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Recommendations and requirements

  • Supply voltage range depends on the laser diode system being powered. The supply voltage should not exceed 5 V over diode operating voltage. To calculate the maximum supply voltage use the following formula:

    VCC DIODE MAX = (Number of diodes in series) X (Each diode operating voltage) + 5 V

    For example, if using multiple laser diodes with an operating voltage of 40 V the maximum supply voltage is 45 V.

  • Always power the logic with 12 V before powering up the laser diode line. Since the diode line GND and the logic input GND are internally connected in the driver, always remember to connect the GND of the diode line directly to the GND of a PSU to prevent the high current from flowing through logic GND paths. The driver features a 3s soft-start which appears after connecting a laser diode line to the PSU.
  • Always use a high-quality power supply unit with low ripple voltage. Adding a large capacitor at the driver input is strongly recommended, depending on the PSU, wires cross-section and their length.
  • Take great care to avoid short circuits between the + (VCC) of the power supply and -(GND) of the logic input or monitor input, as this can irreparably damage the thin logic GND paths.
  • The modulation input can be utilized as a TTL input with logic levels of 0 V and 5 V, or as an analog input. Analog modulation allows adjusting output power by using specific voltage levels (e.g., 2.5 V for 50% output power, 4 V for 80% output power, etc.).
  • We recommend the use of power cables with a cross-section of at least 1.5 mm2.
  • The current monitor is 1 V/1 A.
  • The driver should not be tested with resistive load. To conduct proper testing, it is necessary to use a Zener diode or a similar device. Also, pay attention to the maximum power dissipation to avoid any issues.


For maximum performance and speed, the driver lacks reverse polarity protection. To ensure protection, we highly recommend using the LASORB device positioned near the diode. The driver's body is isolated from all signals and can be directly mounted on metal heat sinks or other metal components using 4 x fi 3.3 mounting holes (44 x 34 mm spacing).

To safeguard the analog input, a 5V1 Zener diode is incorporated to handle voltages exceeding 5 V. However, it is essential to avoid using higher voltages with this input. The laser controller includes a 3s soft-start feature designed to safeguard laser diodes from harmful switch-on effects. An additional transil diode is soldered at the driver's input.

The product is available on special order. Lead time 4 weeks.


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