LPLDD-0,5A-35V-TP-H Laser Diode Driver

Compact, versatile laser diode driver: 3.3-35V input, single channel. Various current options and flexible control modes (proportional, PWM, or combined). Includes adjustable thermal protection to prevent laser diode overheating.

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Product description

LPLDD-35V-TP Laser Diode Driver is the new version of our classic laser diode driver with thermal protection which ensures proper work of the laser diode and protects it from overheating. The driver for powering laser diodes has the 4 current output option with maximum current up to 10A, and to modulate the current flowing through the diode with frequency up to 100 kHz. The exemplary test with the 10 kHz square-wave input signal modulation is shown below. LPLDD-35V-TP driver is capable of powering literally every laser diode available on the market up to 5 W - 405 nm, 445 nm, 520 nm, 638 nm, 650 nm, 808 nm, 980 nm.


  • Wide input voltage range
  • Multiple control options including proportional, PWM and combination of both
  • Excellent noise figure
  • High bandwidth
  • Short rise and fall time
  • Multiple current output options

Output current versions:

Version Supply Voltage[1] Current measurement ratio -3 dB Bandwidth [kHz] Rise/Fall Time [ns] Noise [mApp]
0,5A 3,3 - 35V 1V/A 700 <1us <0,1%
1,5A 3,3 - 35V 300mV/A 700 <1us <0,1%
5A 3,3 - 35V 100mV/A 700 <1us <0,1%
10A 3,3 - 24V 20mV/A 400 <1us <0,2%

[1] Logic supply should be in range 7.5V – 35V

Power Supply

When you are powering both the laser diode and the driver from one power supply in the range of 7.5 - 35V DC the LD VCC jumper should be connected.

In the case of powering a diode with low voltage , i.e 3 V, one should use two power supplies and the VLD jumper should be disconnected.

The driver has to be powered with voltage in the range of 7.5 - 35 V DC and laser diode has to be connected to the power supply in the range of 3.3 V - 35 V DC

This feature allows you to power your laser diode from low voltage, therefore, lower power dissipation produced by the driver.

Modulation Inputs

Modulation inputs accepts 0-5V signals  

Analog modulation means that by using 2.5 V on ANG input you get 50% output power, analogically by using 4 V you get 80% output power, etc.

Toggling input can be used as PWM. This means that using duty cycle 50 % you get 50% output power.

Modulation input of the driver is protected by a 5V1 Zener diode. Nevertheless, one should not use a modulation voltage higher than 5 V.

Thermal protection

Driver has a thermal protection system that protects the laser diode from overheating.

Thermal protection system is designed to work with NTC 10kΩ, β=3950 thermistor.

Temperature at which the protection operates can be set in range 10 - 50 oC  using a trimmer.

Exemplary Test

The test was done using:

  •  LPLDD-5A-35V-TP driver
  •  6 W silicon diode  (at 5A )
  •  diode soldered directly to driver
  •  4 V input voltage (10kHz @ 5% duty cycle)


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