HP Fiber Cable 400μm 0.22NA SMA VIS-AR Coating

This is a high-power fiber optic cable with 400μm / 0.22NA fiber, SMA connectors, and a visible anti-reflection (AR) coating. It is 2m long and can handle power levels above 30W due to the air-gap SMA connector, which does not require heat sinking. The high-power fiber cable is 2m long and is AR coated for 400 – 700nm to reduce the surface reflection loss.

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    Product Description

     -  High-power SMA connector with epoxyless air-gap design handles over 30W of power
     -  Multilayer Broadband visible anti-reflection (AR) coating 400 – 700 nm on both sides reduces power loss by 7%
     -  Rugged metal jacket resists compression force, adds tensile strength and increases resistance to bending
     -  400μm / 0.22 NA high-OH pure silica core optical fiber ideal for visible light
     -  AR coating damage threshold of >1MW/cm2
     -  2-meter length suitable for most applications

    Normally fiber patch cables with connectors such as SMA can tolerate only around 1W of power. Just several hundred milliwatts of leaked power will heat the epoxy inside the ferrule. This causes the epoxy to liquify and cover the end face, which in-turn leads to attenuation, localized heating, and quick power degradation. In contrast, this high-power fiber cable uses an epoxyless air-gap connector with a Copper ferrule on the input end, which allows it to handle upwards of 30W of power.

    The SMA connector on the output end of the high-power fiber patch cable uses high-temperature epoxy inside its ferrule. This allows it to handle higher power levels than are typically realizable, which is advantageous in the event that light reflected back to the fiber is a possibility. However, we recommend only using the designated high-power SMA connector for coupling light into the fiber, as it is designed to accept higher power levels.

    Note that the high-power epoxyless air-gap connector contains a suspended fiber that is slightly more susceptible to breakage due to shock than a normal SMA connector. Thus, it should not be dropped onto a hard surface. Care should also be taken to avoid contacting the end face with an external surface, such as when inserting it into the laser. For this reason, it should not be cleaned by making a figure-eight motion on a specialized fiber-cleaning fabric. Additionally, although the connector can typically accept >30W of power in real-world applications, the coupling efficiency should be relatively high. During initial alignment, we recommend operating the laser at reduced power until the coupling efficiency is increased.

    Technical Data

    AR Coating400 - 700nm
    Cable Length2 m
    Core Diameter400μm
    Numerical Aperture0.22
    Fiber Bend Radius50mm
    Fiber End AHigh-Power SMA (Epoxyless with Air-Gap and Copper Body)
    Fiber End BSMA, High-Temperature Epoxy
    Core MaterialPure Silica (High-OH)
    Cladding MaterialSilica, Fluorine-Doped