HP Fiber Cable 400 μm 0.22 NA SMA VIS-AR Coating

This high-power fiber optic cable features a 400 μm / 0.22 NA fiber, SMA connectors, and a visible anti-reflection (AR) coating. With a length of 2 m, it can handle power levels above 30 W without requiring heat sinking due to the air-gap SMA connector. The cable's AR coating in the 400 – 700 nm range reduces surface reflection loss for optimal performance.

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Technical Data

AR Coating
400 - 700nm
Cable Length
2 m
Core Diameter
Numerical Aperture
Min. Fiber Bend Radius
Fiber End A
High-Power SMA (Epoxyless with Air-Gap and Copper Body)
Fiber End B
SMA, High-Temperature Epoxy
Core Material
Pure Silica (High-OH)
Cladding Material
Silica, Fluorine-Doped

Product Description

About the HP Fiber Cable 400 μm 0.22 NA SMA VIS-AR Coating

This high-power fiber cable, featuring a 400 μm / 0.22 NA high-OH pure silica core optical fiber, addresses the limitations of standard SMA connectors that can only tolerate approximately 1 W of power. Leakage of just a few hundred milliwatts can cause the epoxy inside the ferrule to heat, leading to liquefaction and coverage of the end face. This results in attenuation, localized heating, and rapid power degradation.

To overcome these issues, our high-power fiber cable utilizes an epoxyless air-gap connector with a Copper ferrule on the input end. This design allows it to handle power levels exceeding 30 W, providing a robust solution. The cable is equipped with a multilayer broadband visible anti-reflection (AR) coating in the 400 – 700 nm range on both sides, reducing power loss by 7%. The AR coating boasts a damage threshold of >1 MW/cm2.

On the output end, the SMA connector of the high-power fiber patch cable incorporates high-temperature epoxy within its ferrule, enabling it to handle higher power levels than conventional SMA connectors. This feature proves advantageous when dealing with the possibility of light reflected back to the fiber. However, it is recommended to use the designated high-power SMA connector specifically designed for light coupling into the fiber.

The cable's rugged metal jacket provides resistance against compression force, enhances tensile strength, and increases bending resistance. With a 2-meter length, it is well-suited for a wide range of applications.

Please note that the high-power epoxyless air-gap connector contains a suspended fiber that is slightly more susceptible to breakage from shocks compared to a normal SMA connector. It is important to avoid dropping it onto hard surfaces and to prevent contact between the end face and external surfaces when inserting it into the laser. Consequently, cleaning the connector with a figure-eight motion on specialized fiber-cleaning fabric is not recommended. Although the connector can typically handle >30 W of power in real-world scenarios, it is crucial to ensure a relatively high coupling efficiency. During initial alignment, we recommend operating the laser at reduced power until the coupling efficiency improves.


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