PLH3D-6W-XF+ to PLH3D-XT-50 Upgrade Parts Kit

PLH3D-6W-XF+ to PLH3D-XT-50 Upgrade Parts Kit allows you to upgrade your XF+ laser head to the XT-50 laser head. This kit will enable you to upgrade your laser with additional accessories such as High-Pressure Air Assist Nozzle which allow you to achieve higher throughput and enhanced processing quality.

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Product Description

This is a kit containing the parts needed to convert the PLH3D-6W-XF+ laser to PLH3D-XT-50.

Upgrade to PLH3D-XT-50 from XF+ Manual Guide

Main Applications

Opt Lasers - PLH3D-XT-Series Engraving Laser Heads

PLH3D-XT-Series Engraving Laser Heads allow you to meet the biggest requirements, and broadly realize your needs in working with both soft and hard materials.

Steel Engraving with PLH3D-XT-50
Stainless Steel
Operation Feed Rate Air Flow
Engraving 5mm/s (11.8 IPM) 5L/min

Exceptionally Accurate Metal Engraving

PLH3D-XT-Series engraving laser heads were devised as a series of specialized laser heads for engraving with extremely high resolution and cutting thin materials with ultra-thin lines. Based on our 6W-Series laser heads, XT-Series laser heads inherited all their advantages: versatility, compact dimensions and high-speed driver. The microscopic beam spot allows to make precise and very small size engravings in a wide variety of materials including stainless steel.

Laser Engraving Ceramic Tile with PLH3D Lasers from Opt Lasers Grav
Ceramic Tile
Operation Feed Rate DPI
Engraving 2500/min 423

Ultra-HD Ceramic Tile Engraving

The 500 DPI capability allows for amazing quality engravings on materials like ceramic tiles. Higher power density reveals new cutting and engraving possibilities. Additionally, cutting and engraving processes are significantly faster comparing to laser heads without anamorphic optics.

Laser Cutting with PLH3D-XT-50 Wood
Coal Duplex
Operation Thickness Feed Rate Air Flow
Cutting 1mm (0.0393") 500 mm / min</td> 10-20L/min

High-End Detailed Engraving & Cutting on Soft Materials

PLH3D-XT-50 laser heads, thanks to the fact that they achieve a spot width of less than 50um, also allow cutting materials with care for a thin even cut line. For comparison, a typical human red blood cell is 5-10um in size, and the diameter of a single human hair is 50-20um.

PLH3D-XT-50 Example Applications Gallery


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