Stepcraft CNC Laser Engraver Kit

You can now use Stepcraft CNC and 6 W laser head to laser engrave on many varied projects. High-quality laser, the real power of 6 watt and thoughtful solutions make Opt Lasers laser head a reliable and convenient tool for laser engraving. Our Stepcraft laser kits provide you with everything to get started quickly.

Improving the compatibility of our PLH3D-6W-Series engraving laser heads with Stepcraft CNC machines unlocks a wide range of laser engraving applications. We are working on boosting performance both at home projects and on the business level with our laser for Stepcraft. Woodburning pens are now an anachronism - high-power blue laser has become the best tool for contactless engraving!

Stepcraft CNC machines are one of the leading three-axis CNC’s. These mills lead in terms of resolution and precision, and their usability is further enhanced by incorporating our blue laser heads. Our laser engraver is not only compatible with Stepcraft CNC mills, but also with many other CNC machines. This engraver is compatible with most three-axis mills because their laser power levels are controlled by the machine’s PWM spindle signal, or alternatively by a TTL or analog input. A power supply voltage of 12 – 24 V can power our PLH3D-6W-XF. Together with the lightweight of this engraving laser, this feature makes it nearly universally compatible with most machines. In contrast to our laser for engraving, CO2 lasers are too massive to mount on and high-voltage to be used with the majority of CNC machines.

Now you can buy the Stepcraft CNC Signal Cable separately.

You can also buy the laser for Stepcraft and kits for other CNC machines in the new online store.

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