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High-Performance Onefinity CNC Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-30W Engraving Laser Head

High-Performance Onefinity CNC Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-30W Engraving Laser Head

Onefinity PLH3D-30W Laser Upgrade Kit

Specs: 30W Optical Power, HD 125DPI 180um spot, max wood cutting thickness 6mm (¼” )

Best For: High Speed Cutting and Engraving

Includes: Laser Head, PLH3D-CNC Adapter, Mount and Screws, PSU, Wiring, Air Nozzle, Height Reference Tool

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Product Description

First Six-Laser-Diode Engraving Laser Head with Cutting-Edge Processing Capabilities

The PLH3D-30W laser head, a recent addition to our industrial-grade laser equipment, is a must-have laser upgrade for your Onefinity CNC production capabilities. Similarly to other laser heads from Opt Lasers, this Onefinity Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-30W is an industrial-grade product, meaning it lasts 20-200 times longer than other blue laser engraving modules and CNC laser engravers on the market. With a genuine output of 30 W of optical power, this laser head is highly-effective at engraving wood and wood-based materials, able to produce 0.118" [3 mm] wide deep-engraved curves (or lines) in a single pass. Used at the focus spot, it can also engrave very fine details with very high-precision, producing top-notch quality items with exceptionally uniform and well-defined features.

One of the most compelling features of PLH3D-30W is that it features a specialized anti-back-reflection system. This system safeguards its blue laser diodes against beam reflection from highly-reflective metals, which can otherwise shorten the lifespan of the laser diodes. This makes it a particularly suitable laser choice for engraving various steel alloys including stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, high-speed steel as well as Titanium. With the Onefinity CNC Laser Upgrade kit with PLH3D-30W you don't have to tilt the metal to avoid back-reflection before laser engraving.

PLH3D-30W can engrave a variety of materials at the maximum operational speeds of popular CNC machines, 3.15-5.90 in/s [80-150 mm/s] and ensures efficiency and precision in every laser engraving task you undertake. Its exceptional performance is also notable in cutting various thin materials, excelling in laser cutting leather, textiles, and wood or wood-based materials up to 6 mm thick. This 30 W CNC laser head also shows significant efficiency in cutting thin materials such as leather, textiles, and wood or wood-based materials up to quarter-inch [6 mm] thick. In addition, the Onefinity Laser Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-30W laser engraver is highly effective with materials that infrared lasers find challenging, thanks to its utilization of blue laser light.

This Onefinity CNC Laser Ugrade Kit includes everything to make PLH3D-30W swiftly installable on your Onefinity CNC machine. Overall, this lightweight, high-power, cost-efficient, and user-friendly laser head is the ideal tool for high-volume industrial applications, small businesses and demanding professonals alike.

Product Features

Features of 30W Laser Head


  • Unrivaled Optical Power in its Class – Utilizes multiple high-power blue laser diodes to scale optical power. 
  • Anti-Back-Reflection System – An advanced Anti-Back-Reflection system makes it particularly suitable for laser engraving Titanium and various steel alloys, including stainless steel, tool steel, carbon steel and high-speed steel varieties. This system safeguards your laser diodes from back-reflection, which can otherwise damage your laser diodes, and result in premature death. With this laser head, you don't need to tilt a highly-reflective material before engraving it with your laser engraver any longer. 
  • Powered by Blue Laser Diodes - Unlike infrared light, blue light is more easily absorbed by numerous industrial materials. This directly translates to several advantages including reduced power consumption and more compact heat sinking.
  • Precision-Grade Aspheric Lenses – Each laser module contains four precision-molded lenses, each of which is virtually free of imperfections. Coupled with a vacuum-sputtered multi-layer anti-reflection coating, this design yields superior optical performance and a spectacular power density of 1.5 MW/cm².
  • Synergy of Power and a Tight Beam Spot – The optical system combines the beams from multiple high-power laser diodes and focuses them to a tight spot. It results in a high power density giving the versatility to engrave diversified materials including stainless steel, tool steel and Titanium.
  • Lightweight Design Mounts to Nearly any CNC Machine – Featuring a lightweight, Aluminum body that makes the laser weight less than 1800 g. As a typical CNC spindle weighs approximately 1.8 kg, CNC machines can operate it effortlessly.
  • Simple Integration - Can be set-up on nearly any CNC machine since it accepts both analog and PWM CNC signals. 
  • Instant-On Power – No warm-up time.
  • High-Pressure Air Nozzle Prevents High Upkeep – With the high-pressure air nozzle, you can clean the lens 10x less often. The pressurized air also speeds up the cutting and engraving process by removing smoke and preventing excessive dirt build-up on the lens. In addition, the directed airflow cools down the working site, resulting in a lack of defects and a uniform engraving contrast.



  • Integrated Control Electronics – Designed to prevent your laser diodes from dying prematurely, the control electronics are integrated within the laser module. With no redundant wiring, you don’t need to worry about dangerous inductance effects. 

  • Longer Lifetime – Blue laser diodes have longer lifetimes because they don’t suffer from random failure and age more slowly at higher temperatures. The typical lifetime of the laser’s blue laser diodes is equal to 20,000 hours. In contrast, a lifetime of an average glass CO2 tube laser cutter and engraver equals 3,000 hours.

Product Specifications

ParameterTypical ValueComments
Optical Power 30 W At T-ambient = 25°C
Optical Power Density 3290 kW/cm²
Power Consumption <180 W
Center Wavelength 445 ± 5 nm
Working Distance 2.11" [53.5 mm] Or 0.2" [5 mm] from the nozzle’s tip
Beam Spot Width <0.007" [180 µm] At focus spot
Operating Temperature Range 32-113°F [0-45°C]
Laser Fan Flow Rate 103 m³/h [60.6 CFM]
Maximum Modulation Bandwidth 30 kHz Recommended PWM Base Frequency is 5-10 kHz
Control Signal Input 1 0-5 V Analog / PWM / TTL
Control Signal Input 2 0-3 V, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, 0-24 V PWM / TTL
PSU Voltage 24 VDC
Dimensions 10.67" by 3.94" by 3.23" [260 mm by 81 mm by 100 mm] L x H x W, with nozzle attached
Weight 2.98 lb [1.350 kg]
Air Nozzle Hose Size Standard 5/32" [4 mm]
Max. Air Pressure 5 bar [72 PSI]

Typical Engraving and Cutting Speeds with 30W Laser Head

In case you can't find a material of interest in the table below, feel free to reach out to us through the Material Test Questionnaire.

MaterialOperation TypeThicknessSpeedPasses
Plywood Cutting 3 mm (0.118") 12 mm/s 1
Cutting 3 mm (0.118") 24 mm/s 4
Cutting 6 mm (0.236") 10 mm/s 4
MDF Cutting 3 mm (0.118") 30 mm/s 4
Cutting 6 mm (0.236") 10 mm/s 4
White Cordura Cutting 0.2 mm (0.008") 10 mm/s 1
Cutting 0.2 mm (0.008") 40 mm/s 3
Natural Leather Cutting 1.5 mm (0.059") 18 mm/s 1
Cutting 1.5 mm (0.059") 55 mm/s 4
Black PMMA (Plexi) Cutting 3.6 mm (0.142") 4 mm/s 1
Cutting 3.6 mm (0.142") 18 mm/s 4
Stainless Steel Marking N/A 60 mm/s 1
Engraving N/A 12 mm/s 1
Carbon Steel Marking N/A 66 mm/s 1
Engraving N/A 12 mm/s 1

Additional Information and Recommendations

Suitable Compressor

Any compressor will be suitable for supplying air to your Opt Lasers unit. However, because the appropriate flow rate must be determined experimentally (for each different type of material to be processed), the desired results may not be achieved with small compressor units. The higher the tank capacity and the compressor performance, the higher the airflow that can pass through the air nozzle. The work is also more comfortable with better compressor units (so that the compressor will not turn on too often in order to refill the tank).We recommend a compressor with a real airflow of 10-12 l/min and a tank capacity of at least 50 liters. However, nothing prevents you from trying a smaller compressor.In fact, many of our customers use small 5 liter tank capacity compressors that are available on Amazon for approximately $50.

Recommended Airflow Values

In our experience, the real airflow value of 10-15 l/min is the upper limit and completely sufficient for most materials. We don't recommend going above 15-20 l/min. Above 20 l/min, the laser cutting speed of all materials decreases. We recommend a real airflow value of 10 l/min as a starting point. Then you could experiment with using a slightly higher airflow rate as the optimum airflow value differs from material to material.

In general, for laser cutting, you will typically find the optimum real airflow value to be between 10-15 l/min.

For laser engraving, we recommend airflow values of 1-3 l/min.

The right base - Honeycomb Table

The Honeycomb CNC table is a great tool that excels in laser cutting and engraving. Its unique design features a honeycomb grid that supports materials during the cutting and engraving process, ensuring precise and accurate results every time. The Honeycomb CNC table is the ideal solution for anyone looking to take their laser cutting and engraving to the next level. You can find the right type and size at Amazon even for ~~ $40-100.

Feel free to reach out in case you have any further questions.


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