PLH3D-XT-10 Specialized Engraving Laser Head

Specs: 0,5W Optical Power, 8K 2500DPI 10um spot

Best For: Microscale Specialized Engraving

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Product description

PLH3D-XT-10 - Ultra HD Definition Engraving Laser Head

XT-10 was developed as a specialized laser head with extremely high resolution and laser brightness. XT-10, with 0.5 W of laser power at 405 nm laser wavelength, allows you to engrave, particularly on a microscale, with an extremely focused laser beam with a 0.00039" (10 µm) square focused laser spot. It can also be used for ultra-fine laser cutting. Nevertheless, a bare human eye can only distinguish resolution up to 338 (real-life) DPI. This means you will not see the resolution difference in the material engraved or cut with XT-10 and XT-50 engraving laser heads (unless viewed under a microscope), since both of them exceed the resolution that the human eye can distinguish. More specifically XT-10 is a great tool for engraving whole designs which are less than 0.031" (0.8 mm) in total size. In terms of laser power density at the focus spot, XT-10 offers 1841 kW/cm², while the XT-50 laser head offers 2469 kW/cm².

XT-10 laser head is also a great choice for CNC machine manufacturing companies and CNC system integrators. This is because XT-10's 0.00039" (0.01 mm) laser beam is a great tool for precision prototyping of new CNC machines or CNC systems. It follows from the fact that laser beam will behave the same while moved to a different position on the CNC machine's xy plane. Hence, XT-10 can be used for comparing the efficiency of different relevant CNC machine components at providing the best CNC system precision and repeatability. In addition, using laser engraved lines for CNC accuracy prototyping is a non-contact method, which makes it much more efficient for these purposes than contact-processing tools like spindles or endmills. In fact, anybody can use XT-10 for tweaking the precision of their exisitng CNC machine or setup. In contrast, most popular CNC machines nowadays have the accuracy or repeatability of 0.1 mm (with some achieving 0.05 mm), which means that both XT-10 and XT-50 can be used for this purpose.

The third main application of the XT-10 diode laser head is using it as a 405 nm laser light source, since XT-10's laser diode emits a laser beam with 405 nm wavelength.

Overall, XT-10 is best-purchased as a part of our Universal Laser Add-on kit with XT-10, since the XT-10 laser head kit contains all accessories you need to integrate it with practically any system. In addition, the kit-provided accesories provide you with additional, and most importantly useful, functionalities. What's more, XT-10 laser kit's price is over $200 lower than the total value of all included individual kit components, while not being much higher than the price of the XT-10 laser head on its own.

PLH3D-XT-10 Ultra Precise Laser Head for All CNC Machines

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Product Features

Microscopic Beam Spot

Thanks to highly advanced optical system and specially selected laser diodes, XT-10 is the most precise laser head in the world overall, with a minuscule 10 µm focused beam spot. For comparison, typical human red blood cell is 5-10 µm, while a diameter of a single human hair is 17–181 µm. The spot size of PLH3D-10 is so small that it can be compared to length of a typical bacterium which is 1–10 µm.

XT-10 is however not only for engraving minuscule engravings. Due to its adjutable square laser spot, you can simply deliberately offset its working distance by a few milimeters to achieve larger laser spot size to engrave with. You can also fill out a larger space at a much larger feedrate, after setting the kerf to 0.00039" (0.01 mm) in your laser software.

Short Wavelength - Highly Absorptive Light

XT-10's laser beam has a 405 nm wavelength, which appears violet in color to human eye, while the majority of Opt Lasers laser heads emit 445 nm (blue) laser beams. More importantly, XT-10's 405 nm laser beam experiences even higher absorption on many materials than 445 nm laser beams. More practically, you will find XT-10 to be more wallplug-energy-efficient for laser processing your material of choice as long as your material's 405 nm wavelength absorption is approximately 3-5 times higher than its absorption of 445 nm laser wavelegths. For instance, for wood, the absorption of XT-10's 405 nm laser beam (0.5 W total laser power) is 15% higher than XT-50's 445 nm laser beam (with 6 W of total laser power). This means that XT-50 is the best laser head for laser cutting and engraving wood and wood-based materials out of laser heads with single laser diodes. Unless you want to laser engrave wood on a microscale or utilize XT-10 for CNC machines' precision prototyping.

In addition to the above, Opt Lasers can provide custom laser modules with multiple 405 nm laser diodes, reaching for example 15 W or 30 W of total optical power output.

High Optical Power Density

Optical power density, also known as laser power density, defines how much laser power is beamed upon a specimen per given area. Typically, it is specified in kW/cm² (kilo Watts per centimeter squared, ie. 103 Watts per cm²) or kW/mm². This parameter is one of the most crucial parameters for cutting and engraving different materials. It is also often more important than the total optical power of a laser head. Higher optical power density allows a laser head to use its beam more efficiently, and laser process materials that would otherwise be untouched by the laser beam. It also allows a laser head to use its laser beam more efficiently and yields more pronounced effects (for example deeper engraving or a better cut). For instance, a laser head with a given optical power density beamed onto wood for a given time will engrave it deeper than a second laser head with half the optical power density, beamed onto the same material for twice the time. This is because the thermal conductivity of the material has less time to flow the excess heat outwards. Overall, in practicle this makes laser cutting and engraving processes significantly faster.

At the laser beam's focus spot, XT-10 offers 1841 kW/cm², which makes it very efficient for laser cutting and engraving various materials, although less so than the XT-50 laser head, which has 2469 kW/cm² optical power density.

Nevertheless, this makes our XT-10 laser head an excellent choice as a high-brightness 405 nm light source. It also brings it very close to the XT-50 performance for engraving the majority of popular materials.


    • Micro Engraving with Laser
    • CNC Machine Precision Prototyping
    • Usage as a 405 nm wavelength light source

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  • Remember that it is not a toy.
  • Laser radiation is dangerous even when scattered or reflected from any surface.
  • Always use proper protection laser filter on your CNC machine dedicated to 390 - 480 nm in order to avoid reflected radiation.
  • Never point laser head at people or animals.
  • Do not touch the beam, it may cause burns or other injuries. 
  • Do not stare at the beam or the beam spot while the material is being cut.
  • Laser radiation - Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation.
  • Class 4 laser product.


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