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  • HPLDD-5A-48V Laser Diode Driver

    Single channel 5 A, 12-48 V, 50 kHz high voltage and power laser diode driver. The driver features two independent power inputs for logic and laser diode sections, enabling the selection of suitable power supply units. Two potentiometers facilitate adjustment of maximum operating current and offset current. An additional monitoring output provides a feedback signal.

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  • Prusa Laser Upgrade Kit with Prusa-Compatible PLH3D-2W


    This kit includes all of the necessary attachments to laser engrave with your Prusa i3 MK3S 3D printer. It includes a PLH3D-2W Laser Head, with which you can equip your Prusa 3D printer with a low-cost laser cutting and engraving module. This engraving laser upgrade kit for Prusa will change the way you think about working with your 3D printer!

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  • PLH3D-2W Engraving Laser Head

    Smallest but still powerful laser head from PLH3D series. PLH3D-2W is a medium power laser head equipped with 450 nm laser diode and high-resolution lens. Compact design and very lightweight (70 grams) allow installing the laser head even in small and delicate machines. Driver equipped with LED informs the user when the laser head is armed.

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  • NIR Laser Goggles

    These laser goggles can help reduce the probability of light entering the user’s eye from a diffusely backscattered laser light. This product is OD 5+ over the range of 190 to 470nm and 800 to 1700nm, blocking deep and near ultraviolet and near to mid IR.

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  • LPLDD-1.5A-12V Laser Diode Driver

    Single channel 1.5 A, 3.3-12 V laser diode driver. The low current version of the LPLDD-5A-12V dedicated to working with single and multi-mode laser diodes. Proper shunt resistor and customized parts assure low noise even with small current values. Analog input allows modulating the current with the speed of up to 100 kHz square waves.

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  • TEC-20A-30V Temperature Controller


    The TEC-20A-30V is a compact TEC controller with analog elements and a small PCB board, offering high operating currents for versatile applications. With temperature stabilization accuracy of ±0.4 degrees Celsius, it combines high current capabilities, a broad voltage range, and precise performance within its compact dimensions.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items