Stepcraft CNC Mount for PLH3D-30W Laser Head

Enhance your Stepcraft CNC experience with our precision-machined mount, compatible with all models including the D-Series, M-Series, and Q-Series. This mount is specifically engineered for the PLH3D-30W Laser Head, ensuring a seamless integration that simplifies the setup process, resulting in a quick and reliable operation for both cutting and engraving tasks.

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Product Description

Opt Lasers presents a custom-made mounting solution for the PLH3D-30W Laser Head, designed to unlock its full capabilities when used with Stepcraft CNC machines, including the D-Series, M-Series, and Q-Series. This precision-manufactured mount, designed and created by Opt Lasers, is distinguished by its precision engineering and robustness. The PLH3D-30W Laser Head, known for its high accuracy and sturdy build, is optimized for superior performance in cutting and engraving a variety of materials with its 450 nm wavelength laser.

This mount, produced by Opt Lasers, is created to offer Stepcraft CNC users a hassle-free setup, ensuring a quick and secure integration of the PLH3D-30W Laser Head. Aimed at enhancing the versatile nature of Stepcraft CNCs, it allows for detailed laser engraving and precise cutting capabilities. The design emphasizes a solid and stable connection, essential for keeping the laser head in place, minimizing vibrations, and thus improving the precision and quality of laser tasks.


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