PLH3D-XT-10 Hyper Resolution Plug&Play Laser Kit with Laser Dock for All CNC Machines

Universal PLH3D-XT-10 Laser Upgrade Kit

Specs: 0,5W Optical Power, 8K 2500DPI 10um spot

Best For: Microscale Specialized Engraving

Includes: Laser Head, PLH3D-CNC Adapter, PSU, Wiring, Air Nozzle, Height Reference Tool

5 out of 5

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Product Description

About PLH3D-XT-Series Engraving Laser Heads

PLH3D-XT-Series engraving laser heads were created as a series of specialized laser heads for engraving with extremely high resolution and cutting thin materials with ultra-thin line. PLH3D-XT-Series engraving laser heads are build based on PLH3D-6W-Series engraving laser heads. All advantages of PLH3D-6W-Series are inherited by PLH3D-XT-Series laser heads: versatility, compact dimensions, high-speed driver. Moreover all accessories from PLH3D-6W-Series are compatible with PLH3D-XT-Series.

The novelty of PLH3D-XT-Series laser heads is anamorphic optics. Thanks to anamorphic pair of prisms the beam spot-size is reduced significantly. Additionally new laser diode with significantly smaller emitting region and shorter wavelength is utilized in this series of laser head. Combination of anamorphic optics, small emitter laser diodes and short emitting wavelength result in incredible results.

Product Features

Microscopic Beam Spot

All of the laser heads from PLH3D-XT-Sereis are distinguished by microscopic beam spot. The microscopic beam spot is achieved thanks to anamorphic optics and aspheric collimation-focusing setup. PLH3D-XT-50 laser heads is achieving beam spot width below 50um and PLH3D-XT-10 engraving laser head is achieving beam spot size under 10um. For comparison typical human red blood cell is 5-10um and diameter of single human hair 50 – 20um. The spot size of PLH3D-10 is so small that it can be compared to length of a typical bacterium which is 1 – 10um.

Difference between the beam spot size of the engraving laser from PLH3D-XT Series

Short Wavelength - Highly Absorptive Light

Another distinguish feature of PLH3D-XT-Series laser head is short wavelength. PLH3D-XT-50 laser head emits 450nm (blue color) light. Shorter wavelengths are generally more absorptive by different materials. On average 450nm light is tens times more absorptive comparing to IR laser. Shorter wavelengths results in higher energy of the photon. Therefore, process of engraving or cutting is more efficient comparing to alternative methods and high power levels are not necessary to achieve desirable effects.

High Power Density

As known power density is defined how much power is located in certain area. Typically it is specified in kilo wats over cm2 or mm2 (kW/cm2 or kW/mm2). This parameter is one of the most crucial parameter for cutting or engraving different materials. PLH3D-XT-Series laser heads are designed to achieve small beam-spot size the outcome of this proportional increase of the power density. Higher power density reveals new engraving and cutting possibilities. Additionally, engraving and cutting processes are significantly faster comparing to laser heads without anamorphic optics.


    • Micro Engraving with Laser
    • Micro Machining with Laser
    • Micro Welding

PLH3D-XT-10 - Gallery

Customization and OEM Solutions

The CNC laser is fully customizable in its design, features and performance, such as the mechanical dimension and shape, fan, focus spot size, working distance, optical power, and electronic inputs. OEM and private label solutions are also a possibility for manufacturers and distributors of 3D printers and CNC machines. Our engineers can work with your company to deliver the appropriate solution.


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  • Remember that it is not a toy.
  • Laser radiation is dangerous even when scattered or reflected from any surface.
  • Always use proper protection laser filter on your CNC machine dedicated to 390 - 480 nm in order to avoid reflected radiation.
  • Never point laser head at people or animals.
  • Do not touch the beam, it may cause burns or other injuries. 
  • Do not stare at the beam or the beam spot while the material is being cut.
  • Laser radiation - Avoid eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation.
  • Class 4 laser product.




I tried it with rice and it was true, amazing how this laser is capable of doing such things - will do more haha


Amazing and more

We are using laser for small engravings on wood, can't tell what exacly but it's very tiny! haha Love detail and quality of that laser. For sure I will return to Opt Lasers



Great for micro



Fast Support and quality product


Awesome for micro-engraving

Im using it to engrave micro text on wood

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