High-Performance Piranha CNC Laser | Upgrade Kit with PLH3D-6W-XF+ and LaserDock

High-Performance All-Inclusive PLH3D-6W-XF+ Laser Upgrade Kit for Piranha CNC allows you to add precision laser cutting and laser engraving functionalities to any Piranha CNC machine. This XF+ laser incorporates the most powerful laser diode in the world. All vital components are plastic-free to ensure top user safety. 

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Product Description

The Piranha CNC is an excellent machine for small businesses and hobby users that want a reliable machine with good precision for milling aluminum, wood and plastic. Linear guides ensure precise and smooth movement along all axes with a long service life and minimal maintenance. The Piranha is developed by the Makersupplies team in Denmark and is our interpretation of the optimal machine using V-slot profiles, linear guides and ACME rods for a user friendly assembly experience.

Available for order directly from makersupplies.dk.


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