Laser Mount for Sherline CNC

The Laser Mount works only on Sherline CNC milling machines.

The laser shown in the Laser Mount is for reference only and is not included.

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Product description

Exploring the Sherline Laser Mount

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The Sherline laser mount transforms your Sherline CNC milling machine by replacing the headstock, motor, and speed control with a versatile laser mount. Installation is easy, requiring only the tightening or loosening of the 5/16 set screw on the side of the laser mount. The alignment is done using the same headstock key, ensuring parallel positioning to the column saddle.

Designed to accommodate various lasers, the mount utilizes locating pins and two laser mount hold-downs. The laser is secured against the locating pins, and wing nuts fasten the hold-downs, attaching the laser securely to the mount.

Enhance Your Sherline Mill's Capabilities

With the addition of the laser mount to our lineup, users can now utilize their milling machines for laser engraving purposes. This opens up possibilities such as cutting custom gasket material, engraving part numbers, and creating detailed pictures and logos.


  1. Sherline Products focuses on selling laser mounts and not lasers. Opt Lasers PLH3D is a recommended choice, offering value for money and excellent customer service.  
  2. Not all lasers are equal. Ensure compatibility with the materials you plan to work on by contacting the manufacturer for information on cutting and engraving capabilities, including material thickness.
  • Ensure the laser you choose fits within the mounting area of our laser mount (Width = 2.0”, Depth = 2.0”, Height = 2.3” – 7.0”). Modifications can be made for different sizes by drilling additional locating pin holes.
  • Depending on the laser and parts size, consider adding a headstock riser block for additional space between the laser and the column.
  • Compatibility testing with the MASSO Touch and Centroid Acorn control was performed on OPT Lasers. For other CNC controllers, contact both your controller and laser manufacturer for specific settings and wiring details.
  • ATTENTION ACCU-PRO MILL USERS: Adapting a laser to the Accu-Pro mill requires removing the headstock/motor/speed-control unit. Detailed modifications can be found in the Laser Setup Instructions for Cutting and Engraving on the MASSO Touch Controller.


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