Laser Engraver Technology and Overview

Laser engravers are devices used for engraving, marking or writing on various materials. A laser for engraving can also often be used for cutting many types of materials. Lasers for engraving have been employed since high-power gas lasers, such as the CO2 laser, became popular in the 1970s. Since this time, engraving laser systems have slowly improved, although faster recently due to breakthroughs in blue laser technology.

We currently have new engraving options. Today, high power blue laser diodes, such as those used inside our laser heads, are an effective source of concentrated light for engraving and marking. These diode lasers also have much higher levels of absorption for most metals and other organic materials than the infrared laser engravers historically used. However, they must be properly integrated to be effective in a laser for engraving.

Laser Engraving Heads

Laser engraving heads are complicated optoelectronic devices. At the core of a laser for engraving is a semiconductor chip comprised of a GaN material. It emits diverging light as a point source. The diverging light is focused with either a multi-element or aspheric lens, which must be aligned precisely above the emitter. It is packaged in a special To-housing to remove as much heat as possible. It is important to heat sink the To-package to make it best suited for laser engraving. This is best done by clamping it between two pieces of metal with good thermal contact. These pieces of metal double as the laser head housing and should have ventilation and a large surface area. This way, a high-power air fan can blow air through it. This has the added benefit of removing any smoke created during cutting or marking.

We can provide popular laser heads used in various types of engraving machines. Our laser engravers can be mounted in nearly any CNC or 3D printer. This is because our laser for engraving can be controlled by the spindle signal and powered by 12-24V. Our lasers for engraving are also compact and lightweight, which allows them to be mounted inside smaller, low-cost machines. They can be used to engrave on or cut woods, plastics, metals such as titanium and stainless steel, as well as anodized Aluminium. This introduces the possibility of laser engraving in factories and even homes environments.

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