X-Carve Laser

Opt Lasers offers laser engraver kits, containing all the elements needed to easily mount the laser attachment for CNC router or another CNC machine. It is now possible to laser engrave with the X-Carve machine and the PLH3D-series laser heads for all your projects. Having our PLH3D-6W series of engraving laser heads compatible with these machines opens a world of possibilities for both carving and laser engraving. We want to change woodworking at the business and home project level and have accomplished that with this laser for X-Carve. The Inventables™' X-Carve® machines are one of the leading CNC's with three axes for makers. These mills have leading precision and resolution, which is only complimented by incorporating our laser heads. It is possible to integrate this X-Carve laser with software such as Easel and grbl. The result is an excellent laser engraving machine.

In addition, X-Carve Dust Control System can be used to remove smoke generated by this laser for X-Carve while engraving, making this a perfect fit. However, if the dust control system is not purchased from Inventables, the fan integrated inside the laser head will remove the generated smoke from the laser beam path.

In addition to being compatible with Inventables' X-Carve mills, these laser heads can be used with other three-axis CNC machines such as Shapeoko 2, which uses parts from the X-Carve® machine. Our engravers are compatible with most CNC machines, as they are controlled by a PWM spindle signal, as well as analog and TTL signals. It is possible to power our engravers with a voltage in the range of 12 – 24 V. PLH3D-6W-XF contrasts with CO2 lasers, which would be too bulky, heavy and high-voltage to mount on most CNC mills.

Best Laser Engraver for Woodworking

This engraving laser is an excellent choice for woodworking projects when combined with the Inventables' X-Carve. The wood engraving machine can write and engrave on various types of wood including pine, oak, and other hardwoods. In addition to engraving, the laser head can cut most low-density woods, which include balsa, pine and birch plywood and MDF (medium-density fiberboard). This laser for woodworking can also create three-dimensional profiles on these woods. It is possible to engrave wood with different darkness levels, resolution and depth by adjusting the laser power, working distance, engraving speed and the number of passes. It brings laser engraving for woodworkers to an entirely new level. In addition, the small dimensions of this laser wood engraver make it ideally suited as the home CNC machine.

On the Inspiration page, you will see the possibilities offered by using the laser for X-Carve.

A Quick Overview: OptLasers PLH3D 6W v2 on Inventables X-Carve
Opt Lasers Quick Set Up X carve


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