CNC4newbie Laser Side Mount

✔ Aluminium mount for mounting the PLH3D-6W-Series laser heads or LaserDock on CNC4newbie CNC machines (side mounting).

✔ Includes a set of screws.

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Product description

Features of the Side CNC4newbie Laser Mount

  • Allows swift and simple installation of PLH3D-Series cutting and engraving laser head on your CNC4newbie machine
  • Compatible with the dust shoe system
  • Laser Head Compatibility - you can install our PLH3D-6W-XF+ and PLH3D-2W laser heads, as well as the LaserDock (Laser Docking Station)

This side mount for CNC4newbie machines enables swift installation of PLH3D-Series laser heads on your CNC4newbie machine.

Using two screws the mount can be rapidly mounted on your CNC4newbie machine. The laser head module can then be subsequently attached to the mount via the four M3 mounting holes.

This mounting plate is also designed to ensure compatibility with the LaserDock Laser Docking Station accessory. This allows you to conveniently change your material processing tools. In addition, it bars dust particles from contaminating the optics of the laser head as well as electrical contacts.


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