445 nm Wave Rotator Plate 90°

The 445 nm Wave Rotator Plate 90° is a cost-effective alternative to half waveplates. It efficiently rotates polarization by 90° for the 445 nm wavelength. Used with a Polarizing Beamsplitter (PBS) cube to combine two beams, it enables power scaling while maintaining optical properties.

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Technical Data

Design Wavelength
445 nm
15 x 15 mm
3 mm

Product Description

About the 445 nm Wave Rotator Plate 90°

The 445 nm Polarization Rotator Plate 90° provides a cost-effective alternative to polarization half waveplates. This product efficiently rotates the axis of polarization by 90° (half wave) specifically for the 445 nm wavelength. It is commonly used in conjunction with a Polarizing Beamsplitter (PBS) cube to combine collimated beams at the same wavelength, enabling power scaling while maintaining the beam's optical properties. Unlike in traditional half waveplate retarders, the rotation of polarization is independent of the rotator's angle around the z-axis (light propagation axis), simplifying alignment.

While the design wavelength is 445 nm, this product exhibits minimal loss of efficiency over a broader range of 440 nm to 473 nm, including wavelengths such as 442 nm, 450 nm, 462 nm, and 465 nm. The rotator plate boasts dimensions of 15 x 15 mm, making it suitable for large or multiple beams adjoined by "knife edging."


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