Stepcraft CNC Mount for PLH3D-15W, XT-50, XF+ Engraving Laser or LaserDock

This mount allows you to swiftly add laser cutting and engraving capabilities of PLH3D-15W Cutting and Engraving Laser to your Stepcraft CNC machine. The cutting and engraving laser head is mounted in front of the Stepcraft router.

$55.00 tax excl.


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SKU: 002474

GTIN: 5902693111825

Product Description

Designed for compatibility with Stepcraft CNC machines, this mount allows you to quickly mount the PLH3D-15W laser head to your Stepcraft machine. To discover what you get by choosing PLH3D-15W, please visit this page.

Alternatively, this mount can also be used with the LaserDock, which adds the compatibility of XT-50 and XT-10 laser heads with your Stepcraft CNC machine.


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