TO-5 brass Laser Diode Housing Mount

Component required in laser systems.

Reference: 000650

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    Product Description

    The subject of this auction is a TO-5 laser diode housing made of brass. The M9x0,5 hole for collimator is provided. "Cross" shape PCB at the back of the housing allows you to solder the diode pins in order to prevent them from breaking after soldering the wires. It also helps to fast solder the diode without thermal shrinking tube. Engraved cross at the back of the housing helps to put the diode in proper position (horizontal or vertical) with high accuracy.


    Included: Brass housing, brass plate, laminate plate, 4xM3 screws

    Technical Data

    Beam Height (Measured from Base)15 mm
    Dimensions23 x 16 x 16,2 mm
    MaterialBrass housing, brass plate, laminate plate FR4
    Lens hole threadM9 x 0,5 mm